WP Ultimo Beta 5 is available

tl;dr: beta 5 is out and can be downloaded here; WooCommerce integration 2.0 beta is also out. GoCardless coming on thu and more.

Hey guys. Today’s post is full of great news, but I’ll try to keep it short.

WP Ultimo 2.0 beta 5 is available and can be downloaded here. This build includes a lot of work under the hood to implement checks for renewing membership and other things we needed to finish the first iteration of our WooCommerce integration.

WooCommerce Integration 2.0 beta is out

The WooCommerce Integration is also available today. It can be installed from WP Ultimo -> Settings -> Add-ons. Like everything else, this integration is a complete rewrite. Yes, it supports WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Here are some of the major differences:

  • Products are now created on WooCommerce: This allows you to access WooCommerce metrics and other things the WooCommerce ecosystem has to offer;
  • We redirect the customer to a custom-created cart, instead of programmatically creating the order: this is important as a lot of gateways add additional fields that are required to move on to the next payment step. These fields are not added to the order payment page sometimes (it depends on the gateway implementation), but they are always available on checkout.

Could be better:

  • Tax handling is not yet perfect: at the moment, we pass to WooCommerce the total order value (inclusive of taxes), which means that WooCommerce does not “know” about the taxes being collected, although that data is available inside WP Ultimo.
  • It still needs lots of testing to make sure we catch weird edge cases. Integrations such as this are intrinsically hard to get right. This is why we were excited to get this one out for you to try. Be sure to test it with your local gateways 😀

GoCardless Gateway beta scheduled to be out on Thursday

On Thursday we will also be releasing the first build of our GoCardless gateway. We had this partially developed for the previous version, so we were already familiar with the API and how it worked in general.

It will also need lots of testing, so if you are eager to start using GoCardless as the payment method of choice for your network, take it for a spin and report back =) We’d really appreciate it.

Coming Next

For next Monday, we have two main focuses:

  1. Clean up, review and merge the improvements and fixes we have for the front-end in general. This includes a bunch of little issues we know are annoying to still have around (especially on the checkout form/account page side of things), but we’re trying to tackle things strategically;
  2. Make sure we get the migrator up to speed so we can start to test this in the wild with staging versions of live networks.

The team is on fire and we’re really excited about the way things are progressing in the past couple of weeks. The backlog of changes to review and incorporate is getting smaller and smaller and soon we’ll only have a handful of bugs on the boards to take care of before a stable build is ready!

Please, continue to test this out and let us know the results! It helps immensely.

Also, consider joining our Slack community 😉

See you all in a couple of days with more exciting news,
Arindo Duque,

Bug Fixes from the boards:

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