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If you’re a freelance developer or agency looking to build a Website as a Service for a client without leaving them responsible for yearly renewals, our Lifetime Updates packages have you covered.

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Perfect for professionals creating Ultimo-based Website as a Service platforms for clients

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Perfect for professionals creating Ultimo-based Website as a Service platforms for clients

Makes multisite a dream
I had a dream of doing something in multisite, tried a few other ways to manage it, they all failed. WP Ultimo made it so easy to realize my dream and much much more. I am able to do things I wasn't expecting to do, WP Ultimo opened up opportunities I wasn't aware of. Great product!

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we don't.


However, if you want to see WP Ultimo in action before buying it you can do so by creating your very own test environment on our Sandbox. There you'll be able to toy around with almost every feature we offer.


In any case, even if you decide to purchase WP Ultimo and later realize it wasn't the right tool for the job, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked =)

Sure! We want you to have an amazing time using WP Ultimo and we know customer support is the key for getting better and better as a company. We are here to help. Count on us!

Our prices are listed in US Dollars.

Yes, and you can do that right from your account page.

Fear not! All users with a valid license key have access to our automatic updates. And it’s free of charge!

There are two possibilities here:


  1. You have an Unlimited Lifetime license: in this case, you don't need to renew it. You will receive support and updates for as long as the product exists.

  2. You have a recurring license: if this is your situation, your license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. It will automatically renew unless you decide to cancel your subscription. Once canceled, it will expire on the expiration date. After your key expires, you will no longer receive automatic updates or have access to support.

Yes. You can cancel your Starter, Plus or Pro license at any time from your account page. Access to support and updates will remain though, until your license key expires. You may renew your license manually to reactivate your subscription.

Go for our Lifetime licenses! It’s a one-time payment with no subscription at all. Another option is to cancel your subscription after you purchase one of our recurring plans. Your license will still be valid for the full year after the purchase.

Sure! Contact us by sending a message to our support team via our Contact page.


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WP Ultimo is the best WaaS solution on the market! We use it to power businesses with over 300 sub-sites and growing, and it’s going strong!

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