What does it do?

On our last community survey we asked our customers the following question: “If you had to explain what WP Ultimo does to a non-techy friend, how would you do it?”. Here are the answers!

“A tool that allows me to create and manage multiple websites from one central screen without having to install each website from scratch.”


Nayrus Solutions

“Automatic management of customer subsites, including templates, billing, and account settings.”


Harness Media

“Business solution for WordPress multisites. A plugin for automating website hosting of clients or applications.”


Lore Media

“A system that handles the memberships and creates websites automatically.”


AES Media

“Structured and reliable way to offer (name the relevant service) services to your clients.”



“A simple to use platform that lets you setup and manage a network of websites with ease.”


WP Top Hat

“WP Ultimo allows anyone to create their own web design empire by simplifying the management and creation of new sites.”


TDO Software

“A network of websites that I can resell to others professionally.”


Reformed Media

“It is a software product that allows me to spin up a new website from a template in seconds.”


My Business Engine

“A WP Multisite Management plugin, that automates the process of creating new sites, sets up billing and helps with the overall management of an WaaS platform.”



“WP Ultimo is a way to streamline your business if you’re a web designer/developer/agency. Once you set it up, it takes away all the time you spend on site creation at the front end of a project. And it keeps working for you month by month collecting your subscriptions automatically.”


Online Marketing Machine

“Like I’m building a condominium in an awesome new neighbourhood. You’ll eventually be able to buy your own condo suite and move in with your own content, whenever you want. But you’ll be sharing the entrance, the utilities, and can’t tear down the walls or customize your appliances system without the condo owner’s input! WP Ultimo helps me to manage the services for each of the Condo Owners.”


Gooderham Productions

“Like your own in-house WordPress service.”


SkilledPeople (former Kodtjanst)

“A tool to manage multisite networks on WordPress including site creation, domain mapping and customer subscriptions.”


Web Partners

“The opportunity to make a WAAS with WordPress (almost) without coding.”


“A website builder that allows people to create their own website on a network without having to worry about hosting and web security.”

Boun Vilailath


“A way to make your own SaaS without being too techie.”



“Create your own network of clients websites to focus on what really matters in online success.”


Créer Son Site

“A platform that enables me to sell multiple sites without hassle. Something that automates most of my work.”


Agência Hurra

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