Easily create your fully-automated Website as a Service business!

With WP Ultimo you can create your own Website as a Service platform – like Wix.com, Squarespace, WordPress.com, and more – in hours, not months! Revolutionize your business model now with WP Ultimo!

Create your own
Website as a Service business for

With WP Ultimo you can create your own Website as a Service platform – like Wix.com, Squarespace or WordPress.com – in hours, not months.

The ultimate solution

The all-in-one tool to easily create a profitable Website as a Service platform!

Easily Manage Subscriptions

Managing your subscriptions with WP Ultimo is as easy as it gets with our intuitive and powerful panel.

PayPal and Stripe Support

WP Ultimo ships with PayPal and Stripe out-of-the-box, with support to additional gateways via add-ons.

Site Templates

You can create boilerplate sites for your users to choose from during the sign-up flow! Just like WordPress.com!


A great addition to my business
I'm a website designer and WP Ultimo has been incredibly valuable in helping me grow my business. In addition to building custom sites for my clients, I also use WP Ultimo to create a network for websites that are in a similar niche. This gives me more revenue with less work, while also offering a valuable and affordable service to my clients.

Getting started

Get your network up and running in less than 10 minutes!

WP Ultimo offers you a simple way to get all your settings in place in just a couple of minutes. Just follow the steps of our Setup Wizard and configure all the options you’ll need with just a few clicks. 

— Tatiana Ivanchuk is building a WaaS for beauty professionals

Get your network up and running in less than 10 minutes! ​
Amaze your clients with an intuitive sign-up flow! ​


Amaze your clients with an intuitive sign-up flow!

WP Ultimo makes your customers’ lives much easier with a simple way to sign-up! They can choose their plan, template and payment method during the purchase process and get a site at the end.

— Chris Gooderham runs a company specialized in WordPress and Apple training tutorials


Domain Mapping as simple as it gets - with support to lots of hosting providers!

Your customers can easily add their domain to their sites on your network, giving your platform that extra layer of professionalism!

— Wolf Bishop manages his agency clients through his WP Ultimo system.

Domain mapping as simple as it gets - with support to lots of hosting providers! ​

WP Ultimo supports almost every hosting company out there, but we’ve worked extremely close with a few of them to offer a tighter integration for domain mapping capabilities. And the list continues to grow!

And much more!

A set of power tools to make your life as the Network Admin as easy as possible.

Use the power of WP Multisite

WordPress Multisite offers a solid base to build a premium network of sites with maximum speed and extensibility.

Trial Period Support

Offering a Trial period to your users is as easy as setting a number of trial days in our settings page!

Support to Multiple Sites

Your users can create different sites depending on the limits established on the plans they are subscribed to.

Create Unlimited Plans

You can create unlimited tiers using WP Ultimo, limiting which Plugins and Themes are available for each of them.

Apply Limits to Plans

In each of your plans you can set quotas for disk space, posts (even custom post types), pages, and even site visits!

Create Unlimited Coupons

You can also create different coupon codes for your users, with relative discounts (%) or absolute values.

Automatic Support to Hosting Companies

Our domain mapping solution automatically works with WP Engine, Cloudways, and CPanel with more to come!

Send Global Messages and Emails

Send admin messages and emails to sites and users of the network directly from the admin interface.

Customizable Sign-up Flow

You can add custom steps and fields and even replace the HTML completely, using template overrides.

Customizable Emails

With WP Ultimo you have total control over emails. Their subject, their content, and even their HTML markup.

Domain Mapping Support

WP Ultimo supports Domain Mapping right out-of-the-box! You can select which plans will have access to that.

Support to Multiple Gateways

Your users can choose from different gateway options. No need to limit your network to a single one. 

Awesome Support

We want you to have the best experience possible using WP Ultimo. We are always available to help!

A fantastic plugin that brings the benefits of a Squarespace or Wix business model to the small WordPress agency owner with great support.
WP Ultimo is the best tool for building and mapping new sites in a multisite environment. A must have for anyone wanting to offer self build websites to their customers.
If you're looking for a way to offer your own SaaS and you're not a programmer and don't want to waste time and money, this is the best thing you can do to yourself and to your business.

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