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WP Ultimo has taken the guesswork out of multisite and allowed me to create an easy to manage network for my niche with a low entry level, all with the flexibility of scaling to meet the extra needs of my users.
WP Ultimo made building websites using WordPress fun again.
WP-Ultimo is an amazing tool that is helping me setup a WaaS for my specific industry niche. It lays the groundwork for customer signup and management, allowing me to focus on templates and other customer-centric features.
Great plugin to create multisite.
Great plugin.
If you run an agency, or you want to sell websites easily, WP Ultimo is the best way to do this. This amazing plug-in makes setting up and managing your business a breeze. 10.000% recommend.
When I first saw WP Ultimo in an explainer video, I realized my dream of having a product to successfully sell to my niche audiences could come true and make it better than the mainline products. I still haven't woken up.
WP Ultimo is the best turnkey solution for automatic websites on the market today.
Great for WaaS platform.
It provides a framework for creating success in the WaaS space.
Let me get everything sorted out, including my support issues.
WP Ultimo is an excellent tool for building a self-serve website/app launching service, or for managing and launching multiple client sites on a single WordPress installation. Very excited for 2.0!
WP Ultimo is the only platform that allows you to create your very own Wix like WaaS service.
WP Ultimo makes it possible to create a fully new business model and focus more on marketing instead of development.
Keep it up! 4.5 out of 5.
WP Ultimo is a fantastically simple WordPress Multisite management system. It's the best in the world and has an easy set. (You do need some geeky skills), but, that's nearly all of us now, right?
Thank you very much.
Love this plugin for easily setting up my multisite network.
Excellent platform with very detailed feature set and clean coding. You can tell the developers put a lot of thought into the product and how it will be used. There are a few features still missing, which I understand are in development, but other than that, the product and support are very good.
Easy to use network system!
WP Ultimo is the best option on the market for starting a DIY website SaaS business.
WP Ultimo creates more economic opportunities for business owners. Setting up a network of websites is easy. There's really no advanced coding skills required to be an effective user. You just have to see for yourself how easy it is to get yourself up and running. You'll be earning additional revenue in no time!
If you're looking for a way to offer your own SaaS and you're not a programmer and don't want to waste time and money, this is the best thing you can do to yourself and to your business.
WP Ultimo is the best WaaS solution on the market! We use it to power businesses with over 300 subsites and growing, and it’s going strong!
Keep the good work going, guys!
A fantastic plugin that brings the benefits of a Squarespace or Wix business model to the small WordPress agency owner with great support.
WP Ultimo is perfect for building a WaaS network.
WP Ultimo is the best tool for building and mapping new sites in a multisite environment. A must have for anyone wanting to offer self build websites to their customers.
I like the concept of WP Ultimo. It's one of a kind and gives an opportunity to create something great with WordPress.
I have started loving multisites more after using WP Ultimo. It makes it so easy to customize and setup faster than earlier.
WP Ultimo has been one of the best investments I've ever done throughout my entire internet marketing career.
I've been following WP Ultimo for a very long time now and absolutely love how far it's come over the last few years. Watching Arindo and his team double down on the development and keep us up to date on progress has been awesome. Not every WP dev company has that level of transparency and communication.
This plugin can make lives change, enabling us to create an automated business that generates passive income.
WP Ultimo is the only solution you need for efficient and effective WP Multisite management.
Joseph O.
It’s really good.
"This is the BEST plugin for WP ever! And yes, I really mean it! I always loved builder websites and helping others with that stuff. But now, I help others build their site themselves, and I earn money with it too! When you need WaaS software, WP Ultimo is the perfect choice! WordPress is the best CMS/Website Builder, and WP Ultimo makes it suitable for WaaS. It contains everything you need to get started building a network of sites for customers! In one sentence: Just the ultimate solution for WaaS! P.S. Everything is easy to use, and the community is awesome!"
WP-Ultimo is simply the best way to monetize WordPress Multisite. It's well designed, elegant, full-featured, and well supported.
Great multisite plugin to setup a dream network.
This is the easiest tool I have seen that helps you get your business up and running in a few steps.
This is the best product on the market in this field that I have spent years looking for. Thank you WP Ultimo.
WP Ultimo has been THE ROCK STAR plugin for me this year! […] It works flawlessly and has been easy for me to customize for the needs of several different projects. I highly recommend WPUltimo if you are serious about running a subscription-based network. It is AWESOME!
I was blown away by the ongoing improvements to this product and regular fixes and updates make for a great investment in anyone’s development toolkit. I do not review stuff often but felt the quality of WP Ultimo really shines offering simple registration so that you can focus on building your site and offering your service rather than dealing with endless plugins. Excellent product!
Dean Barrett
Cannot recommend this plugin (it’s so much more than just a plugin!) enough. The [Pro Sites] migrator worked a treat, Arindo and the team are super responsive and supportive. If you have a Pro Sites install, get on this.
I enjoy working in WP Ultimo! I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s very well thought out. All the features you need to run a successful WaaS platform. Customer support is the best! ALWAYS helpful! It’s the best product on the market by far! (and trust me, I’ve tried them all until I found WP Ultimo.) And I love that they keep working to improve it. I can’t thank you enough!
I normally don’t take the time to review products but WP Ultimo and it’s creator are definitely worth highlighting. First, WP Ultimo has replaced several other plugins and had my life much easier. Instead on focusing on the registration process so much, I can now focus on other sides of the business (site functionality, marketing, etc.). Arindo Duque has been a pleasure to work with. He is open to any suggestion to make his product better and is very accessible, with prompt (often instantaneous) support. I can’t wait to what the future of WP Ultimo holds!
My mind is blown away by how much attention has been placed on all the essential details built into WP Ultimo. I’m very happy it has single-handedly made AllyOne possible. I had almost given up on building my premium sites network after working with other solutions. By allowing for template sites, it solves the matter of having pre-sets for WordPress, pages, posts, simple Customizer settings, plugin settings, etc. High value for signups! From the technical considerations to the user experience (for both the network admin, and the users), WP Ultimo is a polished, professional product. WP Ultimo is the ultimate deal for premium multisite networks.
WP Ultimo helped us bring our WP-based product to market months sooner than if we would’ve written billing functionality ourselves. Arindo is constantly moving the product forward and implementing feedback into upcoming releases (sometimes within a day or two of the request). As a developer myself, I often push WP Ultimo to the limit of what it’s capable of, and Arindo has been extremely responsive to the edge-case issues I’ve encountered… even going so far as to provide workarounds or custom replacement code to solve my problem until a proper fix is brought into the next release. WP Ultimo is easily one of the best investments we’ve made into third-party solutions for our WaaS.

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