Happy Holidays and an amazing 2023!

Hi everyone

This year has challenged us (and everyone, I guess) in many ways. Yet, here we are, ready to close 2022 on a high note with Legacy 1.10.15 and 2.1.0 Beta 1, and eager to see what 2023 will bring. ✨

First of all, we’d like to thank the fantastic people on our team, who help us build a better product daily. Also, a huge shout out to our incredibly supportive customers, who are crucial to making us understand what needs to be done and keeping us on the right path.

But before we let 2022 finally behind, there’s still some news to share. Here they are:

  • We are excited to announce the release of WP Ultimo Legacy version 1.10.15 with full compatibility with PHP 8.1;
  • We’re also releasing WP Ultimo version 2.1.0 (beta) – which brings full compatibility (with minimal warnings or notices) with PHP 8.1;
  • Our Dashboard themes (Material WP and PRO Theme) got new versions and are compatible with the latest PHP version;
  • Site Importer / Exporter add-on has officially moved out of the beta phase on V2;
  • The new version of the Plugin & Theme Manager add-on.

You can see all the details and changelogs below.

WP Ultimo 1.10.15

We believe this update will function smoothly with PHP 8.1. However, we are still verifying the compatibility of individual add-ons to ensure they work seamlessly with the latest PHP version. It’s worth noting that you may encounter warnings in the logs when using PHP version 8 or higher. These cases will be addressed in future updates and will not affect the overall performance of the plugin (some of the warnings and notices are being thrown by WordPress Core, not WP UItimo).

This update also includes the removal of the refund button after it has been clicked, preventing duplication in the refund process. This update still includes code fixes for compatibility with WordPress 6+ and improvements to the styles of broadcast and plans tables.

Finally, we have enhanced our widget on the network dashboard, where you can find the latest news and discussions from the WP Ultimo Community.

WP Ultimo 2.1.0 Beta 1

We’re releasing the first beta version of WP Ultimo 2.1, which replaces incompatible dependencies and ensures the codebase is fully compatible with PHP 8.1. You won’t see this release as a regular update on your WordPress dashboard. To download it for testing purposes (make sure you backup your testing or staging network before installing this update – it is not suitable for production networks just yet), log into your Freemius panel and select the dropdown on the download button to access the beta release:

Downloading the WP Ultimo 2.1 beta 1 release

Material WP 1.1.14 and PRO Theme 1.1.7

First, we are happy to say that our two admin theme add-ons, compatible with WP Ultimo V1 and V2, have been thoroughly tested with PHP 8.1. This ensures their compatibility with the latest PHP version. However, some warning messages about deprecations might still be displayed to users.

Material WP and Pro Theme add-ons have both been updated.

Material WP now reaches version 1.1.14, which brings compatibility with the WPMF, Happy Files, and Filebird plugins. The release also addresses compatibility with WP Ultimo V2 logos and WooCommerce admin screens. Finally, we also worked on fixing some style issues.

Pro Theme has been updated to version 1.1.7. This release includes compatibility with the WPMF plugin and handles issues with WordPress 6. The update also resolves a conflict with WP Ultimo V2 logo compatibility.

Site Importer/Exporter and Plugin and Theme Manager

Site Importer/Exporter has officially reached version 1.0.0, moving out of the beta phase. This update includes several fixes to improve the overall functionality of the add-on.

On the other hand, Plugin & Theme Manager 2.0.2 brings an important adjustment for the category filter feature, which was previously not working correctly with uppercase characters.

We hope these updates will provide a better user experience for our customers.


WP Ultimo 1.10.15:

  • Added: Verify if the logo image is accessible by WP Ultimo before trying to include it in a PDF invoice, preventing fatal error if the image cannot be downloaded;
  • Improved: Updated used color picker version;
  • Improved: PHP version check for get_magic_quotes_runtime function that was removed in PHP 8;
  • Improved: Removed the refund button after click, avoiding duplication in the process;
  • Improved: WP Ultimo widget update on network dashboard;
  • Fix: Responsiveness of broadcast table and plans;
  • Fix: Execution of the script to show the payment form on pending payments on the account screen;
  • Fix: Removed the setup fee field on free plans on the admin page;
  • Fix: Documentation links;
  • Fix: Tutorial links;
  • Internal: Removed version tags on files;
  • Internal: Changed the WU_Transaction::get_transaction_by_reference_id method to static, according to its use;

WP Ultimo 2.1 Beta 1

  • Added: Updated minimum WordPress version to 5.9;
  • Added: Updated minimum PHP version to 7.4.30;
  • Added: All-new build system – built on TypeScript;
  • Added: Rector step added to build to downgrade PHP 8.1-only code to PHP 7.4 code;
  • Improvement: Replaced incompatible dependencies with PHP 8.1-supporting ones;
  • Fix: Added ReturnTypeWillChange to magic method signatures to prevent warnings;

Material WP 1.1.14

  • Added: WPMF plugin compatibility;
  • Added: Happy Files plugin compatibility;
  • Added: Filebird plugin compatibility;
  • Improved: Menu icons css styles;
  • Fixed: WP Ultimo V2 logo compatibility;
  • Fixed: Error blocking network theme installations;
  • Fixed: button styles;
  • Fixed: Woocommerce compatibility;

PRO Theme 1.1.7

  • Added: WPMF plugin compatibility;
  • Improved: Updated used color picker version;
  • Improved: Removed CodeCanyon label in settings;
  • Fixed: WP Ultimo V2 logo compatibility;

Site Importer/Exporter

  • Fixed: Export form popup not loading;
  • Fixed: Javascript files not loading on the export page;
  • Internal: New build process;

Plugin and Theme Manager

  • Fixed: Filter by category not working with uppercases characters;
  • Internal: New build process;
  • Internal: Hooks documentation;

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