Introducing WP Ultimo Next

Hello everyone.

I’ll keep this somewhat short.

Today, we’re announcing a set of tools we’ve been working on for a long long time, and we’re calling them (for now) WP Ultimo Next.

We’re also announcing WP Ultimo Prime, a subscription-based service that unlocks powerful features that require processing on our side while helping us to keep developing WP Ultimo sustainably.

You can check out the details of these new features on this special page:

My goal in this post is not to elaborate on each feature (yet) but to clarify the motivations behind working on them.

We’ve been doing a lot of work in fixing bugs on v2 for the past months. And we’ve been quite successful in getting rid of most of them.

That’s great, but it does not address what I came to believe is one of the most prominent issues with WP Ultimo.

Version 2 was a huge leap in terms of flexibility – in allowing our customers to achieve what they want to achieve -, but the gap between having an idea and having a final product that you can actually sell is still really big, especially if you’re not a developer.

As a result, depending on what our customers are planning to build, finding WP Ultimo can be even more frustrating than simply thinking it can’t be done. It can take you 90% of the way to a final product, only for you to realize that the last 10% is unattainable without hiring someone to do custom development, or stringing literal dozens of plugins that were never intended to be used together to somewhat get there.

My original wish was to have most of these features as part of the original v2 release but, at that time, some of the main pieces of the puzzle were not there yet, especially in WordPress core, the block editor and full-site editing, and PHP 7.4+ adoption.

Regardless, we’ve continued to work on these features since then. They’ve been implemented and re-implemented from scratch a few times as these missing pieces I mentioned slowly became a reality.

Now, we’re getting close to the point of making them generally available to all WP Ultimo customers, and I feel we can start to talk about them a bit more, gather feedback on the user experience, and discuss the thousands of reasons why they are game-changers not only for people aiming to create their own “Website as a Service” products but also those trying to create more broad “Software as a Service” products on top of WordPress.

Types, Access Gates, Studio, Workflows, Connect, our AI Toolkit, and the Marketplace are the tools to bridge the gap and empower our customers to create products that really reflect their vision, without compromising based on what’s possible with existing tools and code snippets from here and there.

As we move into the next phase, which is showing off what is possible, I know you’ll agree.

If you have any questions, head to the WP Ultimo community and join the conversation.

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