WP Ultimo Next: building up Connect

Sometimes a customer outgrows your WaaS. Only one site can consume a lot of resources of your network.

One way to deal with that is to move their site into a single install, which would need to be managed separately from the rest of the network.

In the end, you have two parallel businesses: your WaaS and your single installs.

Keeping things centralized and in a way that is easy to manage can be hard, and unless you’re maintaining the infrastructure yourself, you’ll probably be locked-in with a single provider.

We are currently building the solution to this problem: Connect.

In this video, you will join me as I develop some ideas and the code for this feature.

First, a brief doodle so we can understand how it works.

Connect is a bridge library that allows us to swap the connectivity layer that sits below native wordpress function calls

Connect is a bridge library that allows us to swap the connectivity layer that sits below native WordPress function calls.

From there, we start seeing examples of how it is working right now and what else we can do to achieve the ideal form of Connect.

I hope you all enjoy the video, and, as always, let me know if you have any questions.

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