Release WP Ultimo 2.1.2

TL;DR: The new version of WP Ultimo brings some significant changes to enhance user experience and improve functionality. Key updates include automatic addition of the current country and state to the checkout form based on IP address, the ability for customers to cancel their current payment gateway or membership from the account page, and the option to select all template sites in the checkout form. Additionally, the gateway subscription will now be canceled when the membership is saved as canceled or deleted, and server cache will be avoided during the Single Sign-On (SSO) process.

In the latest version of WP Ultimo, we’ve focused on enhancing the checkout process and giving more control to our users. One of the most significant changes is the automatic addition of the current country and state to the checkout form based on the user’s IP address. This feature will streamline the checkout process and make it more user-friendly. We’ve also added the ability for customers to cancel their current payment gateway or their membership directly from the account page, providing more flexibility and control to our users.

In addition to these changes, we’ve made it possible for users to select all template sites in the checkout form builder. We’ve also made some important changes to our membership and payment systems. Now, the gateway integrations make sure linked subscriptions will be automatically canceled when the membership is saved as canceled or when it’s deleted. This change will ensure a smoother transition for users who decide to cancel their memberships.

As always, we’re committed to continually improving WP Ultimo and providing the best possible experience for our users. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in the future!

The full changelog can be found below:

Version 2.1.2 - Released on 2023-07-13

- Loaded WordPress core screen API on checkout forms using the legacy template to avoid possible errors with other plugins.
- Added a filter called "wp_ultimo_my_sites_show_add_new" to allow developers to hide the Add New Site button.
- Allowed the use of the wu_restricted_content shortcode with checkout form current products.
- Added support for Kenyan Shilling currency.
- Automatically tried to add the current country and state to the checkout form based on IP address.
- Allowed customers to cancel the current payment gateway in use for a membership.
- Allowed customers to cancel their membership from the account page.
- Added an option to set a log level to write WP Ultimo logs (defaults to the current PHP report level).
- Added a label in our invoices informing the customer when the taxes are included in the price.
- Allowed users to select all template sites in the checkout form.
- Added a CSS class to pricing table items to allow custom styling.
- Defined variables in our checkout class.
- Removed the Add New Site button if the Enable Multiple Sites Per Membership and Enable Multiple Memberships options are disabled in settings.
- Allowed the use of the product_id variable in place of plan_id in the wu_restricted_content shortcode.
- Moved cache flushing to a new class to better manage cache processes.
- Added an optional label and description to the selectizer default template.
- Increased the number of tries for checking SSL while on WPMUDev.
- Cancelled the gateway subscription when the membership is saved as canceled or when deleted.
- Blocked sites with a canceled membership from being accessed at the frontend after the membership expiration.
- Added the Stripe Billing Portal as an optional feature in the gateway settings.
- Allowed the network admin to see the customer Stripe Billing Portal.
- Finished the checkout process with Stripe without the need to wait for the webhook.
- Removed support for subdomains in the Cloudways integration due to SSL generation limitations.
- Avoided performance issues by restricting the number of sites returned from the get_blogs_of_user function in WordPress core to 40 for network administrators.
- Avoided server cache during the SSO process.
- Added models on global object cache groups to prevent errors with Redis and Memcached object cache.
- Fixed display of disk limits on the front end.
- Fixed the legacy wu_restricted_content shortcode to correctly work with Ultimo v2.
- Cleared cache upon maintenance mode toggling so that the new status is applied immediately.
- Cloudways SSL should only be requested if the integration is active.
- Fixed the use of the www. prefix on Runcloud domain mapping.
- Removed singleton trait usage from the class base host provider and allocated it in each host provider class instead.
- Ensured the setup of our blocks before showing them as metaboxes on admin pages.
- Allowed ajax requests when the site is locked to avoid errors with admin requests.
- Fixed the issue where allowed countries were not being loaded in checkout forms.
- Tax rates were not loading on the tax list if the default category is deleted.
- Added billing address to renewal payments to get the correct tax rates.
- Removed backslashes when retrieving a model's content, avoiding double backslashes in model content and emails.
- Added paragraphs and line breaks back when retrieving model content.
- Switched to the main site in the wu_get_membership_customers function.
- Disabled WP Core application password on WP Ultimo Routes so we can use our API keys.
- Added customer address during Stripe Customer creation to avoid errors due to some Stripe regulations.
- Added the description field in Stripe Payment Intent to avoid errors due to some Stripe regulations.
- Removed HTML content from the author label on the limits tab to prevent JS errors on load.
- Upgraded old database tables to the current version that allows null values on datetime fields.
- Allowed deselecting the legacy "featured" option on the product edit page.
- Removed a possible trailing dot from CNAME records to avoid validation failure.
- Fixed a warning when the limit property is not found in the object.
- Fixed email Bcc header formatting to avoid errors with some email clients.
- Fixed the Stripe product ID with the wrong name.
- Set the free gateway on membership during the downgrade process to a free plan.
- Fixed limitation calculation during the save process.
- Fixed site publishing being bypassed despite the "Allow Trials without Payment Method" setting.
- Fixed legacy params warnings due to direct usage in the products table.
- Supported child themes as forced active themes for limitations.
- Instantiated our Server Pilot Integration class.
- Ensured async site publication when used.

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