WP Ultimo 2.1.4 Release: Enhancing Automation and Improving User Experience

We’re excited to announce the latest version of WP Ultimo, version 2.1.4! This release introduces new events that empower you to trigger emails and webhooks, enhancing the automation capabilities of the platform. Beyond this, we’ve implemented several usability improvements and addressed various issues to ensure a smoother user experience.

New Events for Enhanced Automation

With WP Ultimo 2.1.4, we’ve introduced a suite of new events that allow you to trigger emails and webhooks based on specific actions. Now, you can automate various processes when memberships, customers, and payments are created. For example, when a new membership is created, you can seamlessly trigger external services to initiate welcome processes or start back-office tasks.

Wp ultimo 2. 1. 4 release: new events for webhooks and emails
WP Ultimo 2.1.4 release: new events for webhooks and emails

Improved Template Selection and Checkout

We understand the importance of a streamlined user experience during the checkout process. In this version, we’ve enhanced the checkout form field, particularly in the selection of templates. You now have the flexibility to choose how templates are displayed in the selection field. You can opt to display all templates, showcase templates from specific categories (a new feature), or even choose them individually.

Wpultimo 2. 1. 4 template selection field
WP Ultimo 2.1.4 release: more flexibility when choosing which templates to offer

jQuery Dependency Reduction

With WP Ultimo 2.1.4 we’ve begun the process of reducing our reliance on jQuery. You’ll notice that we’ve already eliminated jQuery from some areas of both the administrative panel and the front end. Elements like modals, modal forms, and simpler pages like the “thank you” page have all shed their jQuery dependency. This change not only enhances performance but also sets the stage for a more modern and efficient user experience.

Comprehensive Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to these significant changes, WP Ultimo 2.1.4 brings a lot of improvements and bug fixes:

  • General enhancements in the multiple account system
  • Password reset process issues have been addressed
  • Missing line items in payments during renewals via PayPal have been added
  • Bug fixes in the migration from v1 to v2
  • Divi Builder compatibility is now extended to the page edit screen for mapped domains.
  • Various bug fixes, including domain mapping allowing uppercase characters and eliminating the fake email loophole, enhance overall stability.

WP Ultimo Support Agents

Today, we also release WP Ultimo Support Agents 1.0.10. This release fixes the problems with the bulk action for removing support agents.

For a complete list of changes and fixes, please refer to the detailed changelogs below:

WP Ultimo 2.1.4 - Released on 2023-08-31

- New webhooks for Payment, Costumer, and Membership 
- Select templates by categories in the templates selection field on forms
- Added option to show all or owned sites on My Sites block - Divi Builder compatibility in the page edit screen 
- Added filter wu_bulk_action_function_prefix on process_bulk_action() method 
- Better messages for membership downgrade via PayPal 
- Remove jQuery from legacy-signup, template-previewer, thank-you.js, visit-counter.js, wubox.js and vue-apps.js files 
- Fixed domain mapping allowing uppercase 
- Eliminates the fake email loophole and enables users to register on different subsites using the same email 
- Fixes the resetting password process 
- Allow user verification on the wp-activate.php page 
- Fixed PayPal renew payments not showing line items 
- Change the status of membership and payment schemas for the rest API validation 
- Fix the detection of pre-selected products in the checkout form 
- Fixed urlencode on my sites widget URL 
- Fixed plan frequencies and duration on migration from v1 to v2 
- Add the username in the login error handler message

WP Ultimo Support Agents 1.0.10 - Released on 2023-08-31

- Fix: Bulk remove support agents

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