A WP Ultimo Setup Guide by Nicole Sauk

Have you ever wondered how to set up WP Ultimo step by step and have your network up and running in the blink of an eye?

Wonder no more. Today, we bring you a thorough video tutorial on how to do that. This video was made by our client Nicole Sauk.

Nicole is a website designer who creates custom sites for her customers.

She became our client in 2022 and since then she’s been using WP Ultimo to grow her business daily. Now, in addition to the custom sites, she is also able to create networks for websites in the same niche.

In this video, Nicole will walk you through every step of setting up WP Ultimo for the first time on your WordPress Multisite Install. The tutorial also includes a very interesting first part on how to set up your server and domains.

We hope you have a great time watching this video Nicole prepared. And a huge thanks to her for supporting us. =)

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