WP Ultimo 2.0 Beta 9 is out!

Oi, pessoal!

Beta 9 is out and it is a relatively simple release in terms of what’s inside, but it brings in a lot of changes. It has an almost completely new Domain Mapping and SSO codebase that seems to address most of the issues we were experiencing before.

The new code allowed us to remove all of the “compat” code we had on to deal with edge cases such as Brizy, Elementor, and other plugins.

This is a great sign, as things “just work”. If you were having domain mapping issues with the previous builds, we would truly appreciate if you could take this one for a spin and report back.

For next week’s build, we are hoping to bring in the last pieces of account management and payments.

Thanks, and have a great week ahead.

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3 thoughts on “WP Ultimo 2.0 Beta 9 is out!”

  1. Awesome! Will check it out. I have some trouble with site-templates. They don’t copy customizer and product data after signup.

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