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We tried to get an RC out today, but we’re still running into weird issues on the checkout and migration, so that didn’t happen. This build is still a beta (10) and includes some new features and bug fixes for important bugs some customers were experiencing. The next tentative date for an RC is next Friday, August 6th.

REST API support (and Zapier)

One of the great features of WP Ultimo is that it includes a lot of different ways to interact with it. This build includes the final iteration of the REST API (endpoints covered here), as well as Webhooks that can be used to trigger actions on other services.

Alongside this build, we’re also releasing a brand new version of our Zapier integration, which finally brings Actions (using the REST API support added) in addition to the previous triggers support. The new integration requires an invite (for now) and you can get access to it by visiting this link.

GridPane Compatibility

We got reports about our GridPane integration not working as well at all and we manage to get it back to a working state. It should be working as expected now, but we’d appreciate it if you could confirm it works for you if you are a GridPane user. Thanks to the GridPane team for the help with this one!

Placeholder substitution for Template Sites

On the previous builds, we added the option to auto-search and replace placeholders with data captured during the signup form. That required distributing placeholders all over template sites, which is not ideal, as your potential customers will navigate those template sites in order to choose their preferred one. 

To solve that problem, you can enter demo values for those placeholders and WP Ultimo will substitute them in when your customers navigate those sites. You can read more about auto-search-and-replace and placeholder values in this guide.

Other improvements

  • We finally updated the TailwindCSS version used on the core plugin to version 2.0;
  • Fix Support Agents not saving- Released as 1.0.2 – Board;
  • Checkout Form not working with Oxygen – Board;

Thanks, and have a great weekend ahead,

Arindo Duque.

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17 thoughts on “WP Ultimo Beta 10 is out!”

  1. Awesome Arindo! The new actions in Zapier means that I will be able to register users and assign them plans when receiving payments from other platforms connected in zapier???

    Please say yes to this 😉

    1. That’s the goal, Javier! We’re hoping to see folks try to implement some of these integrations now so we can hear what we can make better in our Zapier app.

  2. Awesome! so you think this new version and the RC is good enough to implement in production site? and also where can I download the beta version? in my freemius account can only download the stable version-…

  3. I just found out the beta link… I’m testing the action webhook with zapier but unfortunately it cannot create new users/customer in the WAAS… in order to create a customer there must be an existent user in the WAAS…. The zap action should also have the possibility to create a wordpress user and customer at the same time… thanks

      1. Great Arindo! Please also considering adding back the feature limit the number of sites per user in the product/plan setup…

  4. Such a relief– eagerly waiting for RC to begin so we’ll be much closer to final release. Been holding off a project or two awaiting this, and am counting the days.

  5. Hey Arindo,

    Glad to hear you guys are pushing through, I know there’s been a lot of ‘outside’ issues for you. For the Ultimo 2.0, will this also have the feature of being able to count number of users on a subsite and do the billing accordingly? i.e. as in most WaaS set ups, the customer pays a monthly per user fee, and it would be SO great if the billing of this would be automated. So if a WaaS customer has 10 users (at the cost of 10 dollars pr user/month) on their subsite, the customer would, by way of Ultimo/Stripe, be charged 100 dollars at month end.

    Will this be a feature built into Ultimo 2.0? I really hope so!

    Thanks again.


    1. Hey Mikkel. Thanks for the kind words!

      That feature (per-seat billing) is one of our top priorities, but it won’t be part of the core plugin at launch. It will probably come at a 2.1 release. We’re doing that to validade the payments system a bit before adding another layer of complexity on-top of it. Unfortunately, when dealing with payments, we need to walk before we can safely run.


    1. Basically, I needed something that could be up and running as quickly as possible without adding to our maintenance overhead. We already have too many servers and WordPress installs for such a small team =)

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