WP Ultimo 2.0.20 is available

Following a new release schedule, focused on bringing a new version each three weeks, today we make WP Ultimo 2.0.20 available to everyone. This new stream of releases is giving us a better time to work on more significant updates, changes to come, and a bigger window to run tests.

This new version brings several improvements and corrections, which we’ll go into detail below. As always, the complete changelog will be at the end of the post.

Security Mode

Version 2.0.20 introduces a new tool to help our support team to be more effective in finding errors. This is the Security Mode option, available on WP Ultimo settings page.

With this mode enabled, only WP Ultimo and mu-plugins will be loaded inside WordPress, allowing the team to quickly verify if the error being investigated is caused by a plugin conflict or not.


Plans updates between different periodicities

This was one of the most requested features on WP Ultimo and allows your customers to change the plan regardless of the frequency. Here is how it works for the different possible scenarios we have for membership changes:

  • For downgrades we don’t need to do anything. If the membership is active, we just need to schedule the change.
  • For upgrades with larger periods the amount paid will always be higher, so we can also keep it working as there is no chance of having to deal with credits or refunds.
  • For upgrades with a shorter period, we’ve added an error message stating that the customer already has a contract with a higher period.

Allow customers to use their own sites as Templates

The functionality that allows our customers to use their own website as a template when creating new websites (available in v1) is now fully functional with v2.

Plugins compatibility

We added code to deal with compatibility issues with some commonly used plugins, such as Elementor – that had a problem when loading the editor from a mapped domain – Rank Math and Rank Math Pro – which broke site duplication due to some not-so-well-behaved filters – and WP Hide Pro – which caused problems inside the site previewer.

Webhooks improvements

We have cleaned and improved several methods related to the webhooks portion of WP Ultimo, which are currently fully functional and tested with Zapier.

Filter to redirect after confirmation

The last important change is the addition of a filter called “wu_return_url”.

This filter allows developers to easily change the redirection process after the checkout ends. It does not work yet with addons gateways (like Woocommerce) but should be incorporated soon.


Version 2.0.20 - Released on 2022-09-30

* Added: Security mode to deactivate all plugins except WP Ultimo and mu-plugins at once and reactivate after disable;
* Added: Allow customers to update the membership to plans and variations with different periods;
* Added: Allow customers to select one of their sites when creating a new one;
* Added: Error message when customers access the “add user” page over users limit;
* Added: wu_return_url filter, allowing custom redirections after checkout process;
* Improvement: New payments from manual gateway are now generated by current membership;
* Improvement: Elementor compatibility on mapped sites;
* Improvement: RankMath and RankMath Pro compatibility on main site;
* Improvement: WP Hide Pro compatibility on site previewer;
* Improvement: Membership limits with different product amounts;
* Improvement: Limits merge sum with multiple products;
* Fix: Deactivate site option on admin site edit page;
* Fix: Payment form checkout validation;
* Fix: Steps form field style on legacy template;
* Fix: Webhooks now work as expected;
* Fix: Checkout error when selected product forces a site as template and template selector is showing in current form;

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1 thought on “WP Ultimo 2.0.20 is available”

  1. Avatar of sam

    I’m not exactly sure how the ‘PLANS UPDATES BETWEEN DIFFERENT PERIODICITIES’ works based on the description with: downgrades, upgrades with larger periods, and upgrades with a shorter period.  Are these options allowed for us to give our customers?  Is there another way to phrase it?  Thanks.

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