An Update on 2.1

Hey guys,

I’m sorry about the delay on 2.1. As we rolled out the 2.1-rc for the first batch of customers, we started receiving reposts of significant increases in loading times affecting the entire network and inconsistencies on certain limitation types (such as user roles and site templates assigned to plans).

We’ve been working on these problems since and finally found the culprit for both. The performance issues are the result of a recent update on the Freemius SDK that we shipped with 2.0.23, which was also part of the 2.1 build.

Their SDK never really worked with Multisite that well, so the version we include is already a fork with some modifications to make it play nice with MS. Unfortunately, that approach is insufficient.

What we’ll have to do then is to altogether remove the SDK in favor of something else, lighter, that works with Multisite. This does not mean that we’ll get rid of Freemius for the license sale/renewal part of the business, but it does mean that we’ll no longer ship Freemius code inside our products.

Thankfully, all the interactions between WP Ultimo and the Freemius SDK are handled through a proxy class that we control, so we can replace it relatively easily.

This change has additional consequences:

  • Positive: It will get rid of the frequently reported issue where all subsites get added to the Freemius dashboard, counting towards the license quota;
  • Negative: The (Freemius) Account page will no longer be available inside the dashboard (we will eventually replace it with something else built in-house in the future, which will also contain open support tickets and additional resources).

As for the permission issues, a patch for it is being tested today and I’ll report back. Thanks again, Philipp Lang for the first report which eventually helped us catch a hole in our test suite and prevented this from being rolled over to the entire customer base.

Our aim is to get this over with and release a 2.1 as soon as possible, but to be sure, we might need to make a stop at a 2.1-rc.2 before that. I’ll keep you posted on this WP Ultimo Community post.

Kind regards 🙂

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