WP Ultimo Beta 4

tl;dr: beta 4 is out and can be downloaded here; not much on this one since our last build was just last Wed. New PayFast build and some other things.

Hey there. How are you doing?

This post is to announce that the beta 4 of WP Ultimo 2.0 is out.

I wish I had more to show today, but since our last build was just last Wednesday, I’m not that mad. We have a lot of stuff almost ready to be merged in but they unfortunately didn’t make the cut for today’s release. This includes the first WooCommerce implementation (I still expect to have it out later this week, though). Expect next Monday’s release to be a large boi.

This build fixes a couple of important bugs reported on our boards, including a major incompatibility with Brizy on the current version of Admin Page Creator, and another with FluentSMTP (which exposed a much larger issue with how we were adding our scripts to admin pages). It also brings back the WP Ultimo top bar menu item, which a lot of people requested and I had no idea was that important.

A new PayFast build was also released, to compatibilize it with the new gateway class.
We had to bump the version number to 1.0.1.beta-1 since the previous build was released as 1.0.0 – without the beta flag. That way the new one actually appears as an update for customers using it.

Please, continue to test it out and report bugs. That feedback loop has helped us immensely.

Also, consider joining our Slack community 😉

See you all in a couple of days with more exciting news,
Arindo Duque,

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