GoCardless Gateway is out (alongside beta 6 with the changes to support it)

This one is going to be short.

The first iteration of our GoCardless integration is out, and it can be installed directly from WP Ultimo -> Settings -> Add-ons.

It requires beta 6, which is also being released today and is available here. Beta 6 is pretty much the same as beta 5 with the adjustments necessary to accommodate the GoCardless add-on + the merged code to handle free accounts and email verification for those accounts.

The (initial) help article covering how to set up GoCardless can be found here.

We feel confident that we have enough payment gateways out now (with very different strategies to deal with payments and subscriptions) to allow us to learn what we need about the best way to engineer the inner workings of our payment system, which is by far the hardest part to get right.

Take it for a spin, test it out and let us know!

That’s it! See you next Monday with the next build,

Arindo Duque

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2 thoughts on “GoCardless Gateway is out (alongside beta 6 with the changes to support it)”

  1. Great to see the frequent updates with (hopefully) the worst of covid behind us all. Thanks Arindo and the rest of the WPU team.

  2. I’m looking forward to the latest release to purchase.
    I hope there will be a nice and huge discount for new customers 🙂

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