Version 2.0.7 – Released On 2021-12-14

  • Added: Support widget added to the migrator error screen so customers can send the necessary info for the support team;
  • Added: Domain hosting integrations are now handled and activated by the migrator automatically;
  • Improvement: Condensed the Migrator checks into a single step so we can make sure transaction rollbacks are not affecting the results;
  • Improvement: Clear domain stage logs when a domain name is deleted;
  • Improvement: Added the skip_validation option to the wu_create_payment function – which is required for the migrator to work properly;
  • Improvement: Adds dumb Mercator file and a Mercator load statement to the v2 sunrise file to increase compatibility with WP Ultimo after a rollback is performed;
  • Fixed: Migrator now successfully migrates the gateway info for memberships;
  • Fixed: The webhook listener endpoint for v1 now have dedicated logic to treat webhooks before handing it over to the new endpoint;
  • Fixed: Stripe Checkout treating all payments as an upgrade, including the initial one;
  • Fixed: DNS propagation check failing due to Cloudflare breaking the list of DNS entries regardless of Cloudflare being active;
  • Fixed: Cloudflare DNS injection is only loaded when Cloudflare is active;

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