Version 2.0.6 – Released On 2021-12-07

  • Added: Option to “emulate” post types to avoid having unnecessary plugins active on the main site;
  • Improvement: Re-add deprecated Mercator hooks for backwards compatibility: mercator.mapping.created, mercator.mapping.updated, mercator.mapping.deleted;
  • Fixed: Removed the 100 site template limitation on the [wu_templates_list] shortcode and the Template Selection field;
  • Fixed: Selecting a template from the [wu_templates_list] starts the registration with the template pre-selected correctly;
  • Fixed: cPanel Integration’s step to check for a valid connection return success even when an “Access Denied” error had occurred;
  • Fixed: Changing the field slug on the Checkout Form editor was creating a new field instead of modifying the existing one;
  • Fixed: Added support for Elementor’s render_widget ajax calls to prevent errors when saving pages that contain WP Ultimo elements;
  • Fixed: Edge-case where some users were not able to install add-on after opening the “More Info” window;
  • Fixed: Elementor editor not loading in some edge-case scenarios when Multiple Accounts was activated;
  • Fixed: Legacy product pricing table behaving exactly like the pricing table of the previous version;
  • Fixed: The main site was being marked as a site template and showing up on template selection fields – this fix only applies to newly migrated networks but added an extra check to prevent the main site from being displayed as a template option;
  • Fixed: Hard-coded reference to 300 sites on the Legacy pricing table template;

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