Version 2.0.5 – Released On 2021-12-02

  • Added: A new class Unsupported that performs security checks when v2 is first activated on a v1 network that has v1 add-ons active;
  • Added: Initial version of the file with the elements public apis;
  • Added: Send www. version alongside naked domain to Cloudways when new domains are added;
  • Improvement: Wraps “wu_core_update” on a try/catch statement;
  • Improvement: Strings used on price descriptions (day, week, month, year) are now translatable;
  • Fixed: Fixed template id validation rules to prevent errors;
  • Fixed: Limitation merging between plans and packages behaving as expected again;
  • Fixed: Filter “wu_domain_has_correct_dns” returning the wrong base value;
  • Fixed: Re-adds shortcode registration for customer-owned sites when the context requires it – such as the upgrade form;
  • Fixed: Replaced the generic “Object removed successfully” with a contextualized message;
  • Fixed: Templates not showing up despite being marked as available on plans;
  • Fixed: Better logic on setting the active plan on the checkout form to avoid two plans from being selectable;
  • Fixed: Adding our shortcodes to Elementor would break their editor after a initial save;
  • Fixed: Prevents Ultimo elements from breaking Divi – still needs work to make sure element previews display correctly inside the visual editor;

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