Version 2.0.8 – Released On 2021-12-21

  • Added: Templates can be pre-selected using the URL format: /register/template/template_site_name_here;
  • Added: Filter to change the /template/ portion of the pre-selected site template URL – “wu_template_selection_rewrite_rule_slug”;
  • Added: Adds the sv_SE and it_IT translations – thanks Annika Sjöberg and Edoardo Guzzi;
  • Improvement: Updated the legacy template selection layout to use flex-box over older CSS rules;
  • Improvement: Added a “cols” parameter to the wu_templates_list shortcode – with a default value of 3;
  • Improvement: Caching results of plugin permissions on the same request to improve performance;
  • Fixed: Dropdown and other elements of the template previewer page not working as expected;
  • Fixed: Lazy loads the events default payloads via a callable – preventing errors during installation;
  • Fixed: Changed the h1 tag on the legacy template selection layout to an h2 for SEO reasons;
  • Fixed: Shortcode wu_pricing_table buttons now correctly select plans on the checkout form;
  • Fixed: Order Summary containing some untranslatable strings – they are now part of the .pot file;
  • Fixed: Product duplication not copying the limitations and other meta info;
  • Fixed: Refactored the algo that decides if an install needs to run the migrator or not;

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