Version 2.0.14 – Released On 2022-05-27

  • Added: Message on email verification if user is not logged in, with a link to login page including a redirection back to email verification;
  • Improvement: Hide go back checkout button if it is in second step, the first is a plan selection and if plan is pre-selected in URL;
  • Improvement: Grouped go back and next buttons in same line in checkout form;
  • Improvement: Suppress email change notification on page duplication causing confusion about the current admin in template sites;
  • Improvement: Upgrade from free to another free plan capability;
  • Improvement: Error message on integration wizard containing missing constants on wp-admin.php;
  • Improvement: Woocommerce performance when listing sites;
  • Fix: Stripe webhook not being processed by ultimo;
  • Fix: Go back action in checkout keeps previous step with loading block screen;
  • Fix: Currency in payment with wrong symbol;
  • Fix: Stripe checkout not redirecting in Safari;
  • Fix: Stripe gateway causing error when using trials without payment method;
  • Fix: Error with domain field not accepting dots when trying to create a new site via network admin page;
  • Fix: Value “enable_custom_login_page” added with value 1 on ultimo install process to avoid errors on ultimo setup page;
  • Fix: Downgrade to a free plan activating the current paid plan and giving lifetime membership if no payment accepted before;
  • Fix: Payment invoice placeholders;
  • Internal: Fix composer Symfony package versions;

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