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Version 2.0.22

Released on 2022-10-26


  • UI Blocks
    • Added: Option to add a custom page to redirect user after click in a site in “My Sites” block;
    • Added: Option to redirect to the WP admin dashboard after click in a site in “My Sites” block;
    • Added: Option to show the site WP admin link on “Current Site” block;
    • Added: Option to limit the invoices showed in the “Invoices” block;
    • Added: Option to select a custom page to redirect the customer if de site is deleted in “Site Actions” block;
    • Added: Options to hide some links in “Site Actions” block;
    • Improvement: UI Blocks adjusted to load on main site with current membership set for customer;
    • Improvement: Show pending sites on “My Sites” block;
  • Added: Option in WP Ultimo sites settings to allow the selection of a page on main site to create a new site;
  • Added: Option in WP Ultimo membership settings to allow the selection of a page on main site to update membership;
  • Added: Optional constant WU_GATEWAY_LISTENER_URL to allow us to change the URL to use on gateway webhooks (usefull on dev environments);
  • Added: Option to filter by trialing memberships on memberships list page;
  • Improvement: Paypal confirmation view with correct styles in table and button;
  • Improvement: Get all published pages on pages select input;
  • Improvement: Allow multiple sites generated by username as url/path (a number will be inserted after the username);
  • Improvement: Get product line items on payments generated by Stripe webhook calls;
  • Fix: Legacy checkout template styles on WordPress 6+;
  • Fix: Paypal gateway with trial period in membership;
  • Fix: Multistep form not working correctly with fields in query params;
  • Fix: Payment process after trial period not working in payment form;
  • Fix: Product variation not setted in cart by current payment;
  • Fix: Stripe Checkout gateway with non recurring discount coupon and trials in same order;
  • Fix: Paypal gateway with trial period in membership;
  • Fix: MRR calculated value on Ultimo dashboard for yearly memberships;
  • Fix: Payment link on admin payment edit page;
  • Fix: Template switch using default template sites;

Version 2.0.21

Released on 2022-10-11


  • Fix: Discont code error while finishing checkout;

Version 2.0.20

Released on 2022-09-30


  • Added: Security mode to deactivate all plugins except WP Ultimo and mu-plugins at once and reactivate after disable;
  • Added: Allow customers to update the membership to plans and variations with different periods;
  • Added: Allow customers to select one of their sites when creating a new one;
  • Added: Error message when customers access the “add user” page over users limit;
  • Added: wu_return_url filter, allowing custom redirections after checkout process;
  • Improvement: New payments from manual gateway are now generated by current membership;
  • Improvement: Elementor compatibility on mapped sites;
  • Improvement: RankMath and RankMath Pro compatibility on main site;
  • Improvement: WP Hide Pro compatibility on site previewer;
  • Improvement: Membership limits with different product amounts;
  • Improvement: Limits merge sum with multiple products;
  • Fix: Deactivate site option on admin site edit page;
  • Fix: Payment form checkout validation;
  • Fix: Steps form field style on legacy template;
  • Fix: Webhooks now work as expected;
  • Fix: Checkout error when selected product forces a site as template and template selector is showing in current form;

Version 2.0.19

Released on 2022-08-31


  • Added: Event to send email when a new payment is created via cron in WP Ultimo (trial without payment method and manual payments for now);
  • Added: Email template for new payment created event;
  • Added: Popup after login with customer pending payments if exist;
  • Added: Link to payment form on invoices element;
  • Added: Support for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) characters in invoice text;
  • Added: Stripe gateways payment line items on WP Ultimo payment created on renewals;
  • Added: wu_setup_step_done_name filter on setup wizard;
  • Improvement: Form steps filtering for fields to hide when autosubmit;
  • Fix: Unexpected behavior when advance form steps in forms like the create new site;
  • Fix: Template site limits verification on create new site form;
  • Fix: Post type limitation on legacy pricing table;
  • Fix: New site form template selector styles;
  • Fix: Limitations merge on products and memberships;

Version 2.0.18

Released on 2022-08-05


  • Added: Current currency in use on Stripe and StripeCheckout product gateway;
  • Added: wu_pre_save_settings filter to allow data change before save settings;
  • Added: Stripe and Stripe Checkout api keys verification on save settings;
  • Added: Show messages to customer on forms according sistem and account limitations;
  • Added: Current membership selected on Current class;
  • Improvement: Set trial status according membership data on save process;
  • Improvement: Delete object cache key of a model after save process;
  • Improvement: Non recurring coupon value on stripe checkout;
  • Improvement: New session system on forms;
  • Improvement: Stripe and Stripe Checkout calls, ensuring correct API keys in use;
  • Improvement: Create new payment with Stripe and Stripe Checkout only on “charge.succeeded” webhook event;
  • Improvement: Check if membership uses Stripe or Stripe Checkout gateway on webhook calls to prevent duplicated processes which can cause subscription cancelation on gateway;
  • Improvement: Public API load order to by present on setup wizard;
  • Improvement: get_broadcast_targets method return on class Broadcast;
  • Improvement: Multiple account with woocomerce billing_address value;
  • Fix: Subtotal value on cart items;
  • Fix: Stripe card input styles;
  • Fix: Check the available template sites for selected products;
  • Fix: Correct build the cart with trial period on checkout process;
  • Fix: Template switch form;
  • Fix: Stripe and Stripe Checkout error code on WP_Error;
  • Fix: Stripe and Stripe Checkout webhook listener url shown in payment settings;
  • Fix: Stripe and Stripe Checkout production mode setting value on save;

Version 2.0.17

Released on 2022-07-04


  • Fix: New site creation not working on customer form;

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