WP Ultimo 2.0.22 release

Today we are launching WP Ultimo 2.0.22.

This release is focused on improving the options to create better customer experiences in WP Ultimo networks.

UI Blocks and settings

WP Ultimo 2.0.22 improves our current block elements, allowing the creation of admin screens in the main site. This works well for networks with one site per membership or one membership with multiple sites. Support for networks running multiple memberships with multiple sites will be available on coming versions.

Also, we added two more page options on our settings: one on the Sites section to select a new site page, and the other on the Memberships section to allow your user to update the membership from the main site. These pages require a WP Ultimo checkout form and these forms will be replaced to the correct one during page view.

You can see it in action in the video below:

General considerations

The memberships list admin page has a new filter to allow us to get all memberships in trialing status. This can help finding and managing these memberships with ease.


We improved and fixed some bugs on the PayPal gateway. Now it can be used for clients in trial period without problems, except for non recurring discounts or setup fees,which are already in the works.


Our Stripe gateway is now able to fetch all the products in the current membership and add the correct line items to the new created payment. This action is triggered by a webhook call every time a membership is renewed.

The Stripe Checkout gateway was improved to allow the use of trials and non recurring discounts at the same order.


Version 2.0.22 - Released on 2022-10-26

* UI Blocks
  * Added: Option to add a custom page to redirect user after click in a site in "My Sites" block;
  * Added: Option to redirect to the WP admin dashboard after click in a site in "My Sites" block;
  * Added: Option to show the site WP admin link on "Current Site" block;
  * Added: Option to limit the invoices showed in the "Invoices" block;
  * Added: Option to select a custom page to redirect the customer if de site is deleted in "Site Actions" block;
  * Added: Options to hide some links in "Site Actions" block;
  * Improvement: UI Blocks adjusted to load on main site with current membership set for customer;
  * Improvement: Show pending sites on "My Sites" block;
* Added: Option in WP Ultimo sites settings to allow the selection of a page on main site to create a new site;
* Added: Option in WP Ultimo membership settings to allow the selection of a page on main site to update membership;
* Added: Optional constant WU_GATEWAY_LISTENER_URL to allow us to change the URL to use on gateway webhooks (usefull on dev environments);
* Added: Option to filter by trialing memberships on memberships list page;
* Improvement: Paypal confirmation view with correct styles in table and button;
* Improvement: Get all published pages on pages select input;
* Improvement: Allow multiple sites generated by username as url/path (a number will be inserted after the username);
* Improvement: Get product line items on payments generated by Stripe webhook calls;
* Fix: Legacy checkout template styles on WordPress 6+;
* Fix: Paypal gateway with trial period in membership;
* Fix: Multistep form not working correctly with fields in query params;
* Fix: Payment process after trial period not working in payment form;
* Fix: Product variation not setted in cart by current payment;
* Fix: Stripe Checkout gateway with non recurring discount coupon and trials in same order;
* Fix: Paypal gateway with trial period in membership;
* Fix: MRR calculated value on Ultimo dashboard for yearly memberships;
* Fix: Payment link on admin payment edit page;
* Fix: Template switch using default template sites;

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