WP Ultimo 2.0.23 release

Hi everybody,

Today we release WP Ultimo version 2.0.23.

This release is focused on bringing more flexibility to the way your Network can work.

Site-less Memberships

From now on, Site URL and title fields are no longer mandatory on your checkout forms. If you choose to add only one of them, the other will be computed based on the field that was included on the form (think auto auto-generate, haha).

In case none of these fields are present on a given checkout form, the site creation portion of the registration process will be skipped and a site-less membership will be created, allowing for use cases where you might want to delay allowing for site creation to a later stage.

This feature builds on top of additions made in 2.0.22, which added options in the WP Ultimo settings to select main site pages to be used as specific “management” pages on your Network.

Now you can use these settings to select a page to be used as the New Site Page – a place where your customers can create new sites – as well as a Membership Update Page – where they can update their memberships.

The checkout form options now also include a new field, called No Sites Message, which you can use to give instructions to your customers on how to create a site on Site-less registration forms. The field even supports the use of shortcodes, allowing for interesting flows to be created.

Custom no sites field

In the example above, we added the shortcode [wu_my_sites columns=1] to show the button that adds a new site. It is important to notice that after creating a site, the customer will be sent back to the thank you page as the default behavior. If you want to send your customer to another page you can add a simple button, pointing to your new-site form page, with the following query value “?redirect_url=/my-return-page” (e.g.: “/create-site?redirect_url=/my-sites”).

Custom no site field view

PayPal Improvements

This release also improves the PayPal gateway, giving your customer more information about what and how they’re gonna pay for their membership. In addition, it now allows the sale of memberships with trial periods using discount codes for first payment and/or setup fees after trial.

Paypal cart

WP Engine Integration Improvements

We also fixed some problems with WP Engine integration setup and set the subdomains to be added as domains in the WP Engine site after site creation. For now, the SSL certificates for mapped domains need to be added manually via WP Engine dashboard. We recommend you contact their support and ask to add a wildcard domain with proper SSL if you use a subdomain install – even with our improvement to this subdomain part – as this wildcard is better suited for this kind of install.

Removing Categories from Site Templates

This version fixes a very annoying bug that prevents the deletion of template sites categories. Now you can just remove the category from the site, save and if there’s no site in that particular category left, it will not be shown in the site selection block in your forms =)

Full Changelog

Version 2.0.23 - Released on 2022-11-22

* Added: Custom Thank You page text for sites area when membership has no sites attached;
* Added: PayPal payment description with trial and recurring payment specification;
* Added: Network logo at PayPal checkout;
* Improvement: site_url and site_title removed as required fields in checkout form, allowing the creation of memberships without sites (both fields are now optional);
* Improvement: PayPal confirm page styles improved;
* Improvement: PayPal now accepts non recurring discounts and fees with trial period in membership;
* Improvement: WP Engine integration now also adds subdomains (we recommend the use of wildcard as first option);
* Improvement: Restrict site creation to active and trialing memberships;
* Improvement: Length limit of 63 chars in site_url checkout field according to DNS specifications;
* Improvement: Added CUSTOMER_ID, CUSTOMER_EMAIL, MEMBERSHIP_AMOUNT, ORDER_ID placeholders on Thank You page script field;
* Improvement: Changed ORDER_PRODUCTS placeholder on Thank You page scripts to show the list of products ids instead of the product hash;
* Fix: WP Engine integration install;
* Fix: Fix the use of wu_append_preview filter on plugins compatibility file;
* Fix: Allow removal of all categories on a template site;

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