We finally released WP Ultimo 2.0.15 today

This version had a short delay in its release but to ensure that is working as it deals with several points of our core, as it touches some mission critical features such as billing and SSO.

We had a rework in the checkout part, correcting several points mainly referring to membership changes (most notably upgrades and downgrades), ensuring that it can occur correctly on supported gateways.

We made improvements in core to make sure payment gateways receive consistent data. This addresses bug reported by customers using out GoCardless gateway add-on. No update is needed on the add-on side of things, though, so just updating WP Ultimo to 2.0.15 should do the trick.

In addition to those, we now sync the allowed countries setting with the countries list presented as selectable options on the checkout form, removing all disallowed countries from the list.

Finally, apart from other small improvements and fixes, we’ve added a fix for SSO and redirection for mapped domains, allowing both to occur correctly – avoiding possible problems related to duplicates content and SEO and improving usability for the end customer.

The full changelog can be found below. Roadmap cards will be updated accordingly on Friday.

Have a great rest of the week and let us know if you have any questions =)

Version 2.0.15 - Released on 2022-06-15

* Added: Currency Saudi Riyal
* Improvement: Removes unlisted countries from the billing address checkout field when using the "Restrict by country" option;
* Improvement: Disables the "Restrict by country" toggle when saving the form without allowed countries;
* Improvement: Improves the addition of billing address fields by allowing the removal of fields through the “wu_billing_address_fields” filter and avoiding error in the use of this filter;
* Improvement: Checks if payment status is completed when building the cart to prevent error with Ultimo defining the cart as “retry”;
* Improvement: Verifies if the cart has a future value to be paid to better handle downgrades;
* Improvement: Checks if subscription is not already cancelled on Stripe and Stripe Checkout gateways before trying to cancel;
* Improvement: Improvement: Changes stripe.js handlers to better code readability and to follow Stripe recommendations;
* Improvement: Adds a line item in cart in case of downgrade to remove the current value from payment on swap schedule;
* Improvement: Calculates prorate credit when upgrading membership;
* Improvement: Changes the method that checks if we need to collect payments to consider the possibility of future payments before returning false to handle downgrade cases;
* Improvement: Changes next billing charge date method to consider downgrades with scheduled swap;
* Improvement: Schedules swap with Stripe and Stripe Checkout gateway to handle downgrades to paid plans;
* Improvement: Handles gateway subscription cancelation when membership gateway data has change;
* Improvement: Checks for Stripe webhooks in Stripe Checkout gateway;
* Improvement: Ensures data type of test_mode value to bool on Stripe, Stripe Checkout and Paypal to prevent errors;
* Fix: Added currency value when creating the cart from a payment or membership to avoid errors on gateway processes as with GoCardless;
* Fix: Mapped domains redirect not working;
* Fix: Problem with gateways as GoCardless that needs the currency value to finish checkout process;
* Fix: Limit site users by role not working;
* Fix: Problem with the broadcast message being delivered just to the first customer;
* Fix: Free membership not being activated even with email verification disabled;
* Fix: SSO not working on wp-admin page with mapped domains;
* Fix: Stripe saved cards not working;
* Fix: Downgrade cart not being correctly built when new plan is not free;
* Fix: Correctly define a cart as “retry” and postpone the payment verification when building it to prevent some errors on checkout validation process;
* Fix: Get the enable multiple membership value config from settings value;
* Fix: Allow updates with current plan on trial period;
* Fix: Stripe Checkout gateway id with wrong value on get_or_create_customer method;
* Fix: Stripe maybe_cancel_old_subscriptions method not working;
* Fix: Stripe Checkout sandbox toggle not working on settings;
* Fix: Site publish on trials with payment method;
* Fix: Cart build with membership causing error due currency error;
* Internal: Fix delete product test;

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