WP Ultimo 2.0: New stable release date

Hey folks, sucks to be writing this again, but we’ll need to postpone the release of the stable.

As you may have noticed we were not able to get a lot of betas out in this interim as some of the issues reported were a bit more complex than what we were anticipating. We do have beta 2 ready to be released on Monday and I’m hoping to get a couple more of those until the new release date, Mar 1st.

On a different note, we’ll need help writing documentation for the new version, so if you feel like you could help on that (a paid gig, of course), contact me at arindo (at) wpultimo.com.

Have a great weekend,
Arindo Duque.

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5 thoughts on “WP Ultimo 2.0: New stable release date”

  1. Arindo and team,

    Thanks for keeping your customers updated with your progress, even if it means sharing the news of a delayed release. Better being updated than being in the dark 😉
    Looking forward to your Beta 2 release on Monday. To be honest, I would be amazed if you could actually release a clean V2.0 March 1st! This is not a trivial plugin, WP-Ultimo is advanced & complex at once. Ironing out bugs through multiple early beta releases is never a quick process, as you are not only dealing with your plugin code, but also with WordPress & MultiSite installation, among other parts of the plugin. But if you do deliver V2.0 on March 1st, then you guys are super PHP/WP heroes!

    Grateful for your WP-Ultimo plugin

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