WP Ultimo Beta 2 Available and other news

Hey guys, this is a quick update.

I just released the Beta 2 build of WP Ultimo 2.0. It addresses a myriad of issues reported by you on the feedback board (you can see the recently closed issues here).

This build should appear as a regular update for those with beta.1 installed, but if that doesn’t happen for any reason, you can download it here.

If you find new ones, please report them on the feedback board so we can keep track of them and see how many people are experiencing the same issue.

Highlights of this build include:

  1. Fixing the migrator error when converting memberships;
  2. Fixing the migration of payments;
  3. Extraction of the PayFast gateway into a separate add-on (that can be installed on Settings -> Add-ons);
  4. Templates not showing up on the registration flow;
  5. Not being able to use sub-domain mode.

This build was scheduled to be released on Monday past week. That didn’t happen due to a couple of bad news I received.

My worst fear became a worrying reality during the past week. As most of you know, I’m from Brazil and have been living in Spain for almost one year and a half, but my family still lives in Brazil.

The COVID situation over there is far from ideal due to a lot of factors, including a government that has chosen to battle science instead of embracing it during these trying times. They chose to promote ineffective drugs, downplay the gravity of the situation, and not to invest in multiple vaccine options, and now people are paying the price with the second higher number of deaths in the world, after the US.

All of my immediate family got infected a while ago and seemed to be experiencing only minor symptoms. Unfortunately, both my parents had to be hospitalized in the past week. They are in a worrying yet stable state at the moment, leaving my two also infected younger brothers (22 and 18 years old respectively) to deal with most of the bureaucracy, dealing with family members looking for news, etc.

I’m sure you’ll understand that absolutely everything else dropped to the lowest level of priority at the moment. Our operation here at NextPress is small and, at least in terms of developing the core plugin, very me-dependent. We were working on automating some of the processes, but we didn’t have enough time. That means that we’ll not make the March 1st deadline and I can’t really commit to a new one at the moment.

I’m working with Marcelo and Daniel to delegate some of the core features I was working on, as well as automating some of the things I was doing manually (such as converting licenses) with the help of Ruel from our support team.

As for the folks that sent proposals to help with the documentation process, I’m hoping to follow up on that with you as soon as we get past this situation, so I appreciate your patience.

Thanks for the support,
Arindo Duque.

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8 thoughts on “WP Ultimo Beta 2 Available and other news”

  1. Avatar of hassan farhood


    Family comes first and foremost. You have not left your customers hanging without a working WaaS plugin. Until you get back on your feet full time with V2 of WP-Ultimo plugin, your customers have production-grade WP-Ultimo V1.x available to run their WaaS businesses plus the beta versions of V2 to explore and prepare for production release in the near future.

    You have been very transparent about your business over time. That is very valuable to and highly appreciated by WP plugins market customers drowning in an ocean of commercial WP plugins where the customers don’t know what is going on with the business behind the plugins they purchased.

    The nature of predicting software products release deadlines or completion dates is a business packed with risks. Even the big corporations who have large technical teams can’t predict when their software will be production-grade. For those who are software developers, it is well known that software is the most complex invention of human kind. Every line of code, under the wrong conditions, has the potential to break the whole system. I speak from own experiences with software fragility. When a software product does work as expected, it is quite an amazing feat of engineering because luck is not enough to make software work.

    Maybe the most practical thing to do from this point on is to just keep fixing all the reported bugs and release one beta version after another until you feel the production version is ready whenever that maybe feasible.

    May the universal force of healing support all your family members to heal from Covid virus so you can get back to your life and work passions and focus on the success of WP-Ultimo and other future WP endeavors.

  2. Avatar of tanya

    Oh. I am sure everyone who reads this comment is agreed, all our hearts are with you and your family. Take care of them and we hope they get better soon.

  3. Avatar of adal bermann

    Arindo, thank you for sharing what you are going through. I sincerely hope that your parents will recover from the infection. We are all excited to see the stable plugin release, and of course, family comes first. Hopefully your team will be able to step and take charge more than ever before. Best wishes brother, thank you for what you do.

  4. Avatar of jamie robe

    Arindo, I am so sorry to hear about your family. At my day job here in the US, I work with a software called Scriptcase, based out of Brazil, and I am worried about some friends I have made there over the years. I hope and pray that your family and friends come thru this troubling time. I will send my hopes and prayers to you, your family and everyone in Brazil.
    This is something I have been thinking about – a fund raising effort to help get the equipment and vaccines into places that might not get them. I know we have had our own big issues here in the US in-terms of misinformation and poor organization – those seem to be smoothing out now with our new administration. But the technology and equipment for transporting and storing the vaccines must be very expensive. I feel like us, as programmers and internet people could help make a difference.
    Anyway, keep us all up-to-date.
    Peace, Jamie

  5. Avatar of brad delaney


    I’ve been through this myself. My mom caught covid last March and was hospitalized on a ventilator for 3 weeks. I’m sending you, your parents, and family lot of positive healing energy for a speedy recovery! 2.0 can certainly wait until things settle back down on your end. Take care of yourself and your family!

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