Admin page creator

WP Ultimo: Admin Page Creator

Adding new pages and sub-pages to the admin panel of your clients can be a complicated task if you do not have the necessary coding skills. Coupling that with access control, like only allowing certain plans or roles to access that page brings things to a whole other level in terms of complexity. WP Ultimo: …

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Wp ultimo mailchimp

WP Ultimo: Mailchimp Integration

Integrate your WP Ultimo network to your Mailchimp. You can link certain plans to Mailchimp Lists and automatically add subscribers to those lists on singup. How does it work?

Material wp

Material WP

WordPress admin interface has been the same for ages. The version 3.8 of our beloved platform tried to bring a fresher design, but the basic idea remained the same. It’s time to bring something entirely new to the table: Material WP.

Pro theme

Pro Theme

Often when doing client work we get the need to provide our clients with a custom experience in the admin dashboard of WordPress, a more professional look and feel. PRO Theme is an attempt to give a good option for those professionals.


WP Ultimo: Ad Injector

Inject Ads on some of your plans directly from your plan’s edit page! Feel free to provide feedback on the forums at https://community.wpultimo.com/ How it Works After activation, your ‘Advanced Options’ metabox on the plan edit screen will have a new option called ‘Ad Settings’. On that tab, you’ll be able to add the ad …

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Wp ultimo pro sites migrator 1

WP Ultimo: Pro Sites Migrator

This handy add-on helps you move your network from WPMU DEV’s ProSites to WP Ultimo. Here’s a tutorial explaining how it works.

Multiple accounts

WP Ultimo: Multiple Accounts

Allows for users to create accounts on the main network (WP Ultimo), even if the user has used that email to create an account on one of the subsites before. Supports WooCommerce accounts for now.

Language selector

WP Ultimo: Language Selector

Adds a handy language selector on the Register and Login pages, allowing your customers to see the sign-up flow on their own language!