WP Ultimo: WooCommerce Integration

Extend your WP Ultimo payment options to allow your subscribers to use all of the many available methods on your…

Extend your WP Ultimo payment options to allow your subscribers to use all of the many available methods on
your WooCommerce install!

How it Works

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The WooCommerce Integration works in a very similar way to the way our Manual Gateway works. it offers a ton of
flexibility to your users, allowing them to chose any of the payment forms available on your WooCommerce install. The
downside is that every
payment must be paid manually at the end of the billing period. Here is how the flow works:

  1. The user choses this payment option on his panel. The default label used for this payment option is “Dynamic
    Payments” (you can change it on the WooCommerce Integration Settings page).
  2. Once the user billing period ends, the user subscription is put on hold. At the same time, an order will be
    created on the WooCommerce install of the main site of the network. That order can be easily accessed from the
    Subscription Management screen.
  3. The user then receives an invoice in his email, with a link to perform the payment. That link will redirect him to
    the WooCommerce payment screen, where he or she will be able to select one of the available WooCommerce gateways.
  4. Once the payment is received, the subscription is renewed, the payment is logged on WP Ultimo and the order is set
    to complete.

Important Notes

  1. WP Ultimo: WooCommerce Integration requires WP Ultimo version 1.4.3 to work.
  2. Default functionality of WP Ultimo still works with this integration form. For example, issuing refunds from the
    Subscription Management Screen will communicate with WooCommerce to issue the refund using the selected payment
  3. WP Ultimo: WooCommerce Integration relies on WP Cron to work. This works very well most of the time, but if the
    site has low traffic then the cron is not prompted to check for scheduled events and the event is missed, which can
    cause execution delays.

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