Version 2.0.20 – Released On 2022-09-30

  • Added: Security mode to deactivate all plugins except WP Ultimo and mu-plugins at once and reactivate after disable;
  • Added: Allow customers to update the membership to plans and variations with different periods;
  • Added: Allow customers to select one of their sites when creating a new one;
  • Added: Error message when customers access the “add user” page over users limit;
  • Added: wu_return_url filter, allowing custom redirections after checkout process;
  • Improvement: New payments from manual gateway are now generated by current membership;
  • Improvement: Elementor compatibility on mapped sites;
  • Improvement: RankMath and RankMath Pro compatibility on main site;
  • Improvement: WP Hide Pro compatibility on site previewer;
  • Improvement: Membership limits with different product amounts;
  • Improvement: Limits merge sum with multiple products;
  • Fix: Deactivate site option on admin site edit page;
  • Fix: Payment form checkout validation;
  • Fix: Steps form field style on legacy template;
  • Fix: Webhooks now work as expected;
  • Fix: Checkout error when selected product forces a site as template and template selector is showing in current form;

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