Version 2.0.19 – Released On 2022-08-31

  • Added: Event to send email when a new payment is created via cron in WP Ultimo (trial without payment method and manual payments for now);
  • Added: Email template for new payment created event;
  • Added: Popup after login with customer pending payments if exist;
  • Added: Link to payment form on invoices element;
  • Added: Support for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) characters in invoice text;
  • Added: Stripe gateways payment line items on WP Ultimo payment created on renewals;
  • Added: wu_setup_step_done_name filter on setup wizard;
  • Improvement: Form steps filtering for fields to hide when autosubmit;
  • Fix: Unexpected behavior when advance form steps in forms like the create new site;
  • Fix: Template site limits verification on create new site form;
  • Fix: Post type limitation on legacy pricing table;
  • Fix: New site form template selector styles;
  • Fix: Limitations merge on products and memberships;

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