Version 2.0.16 – Released On 2022-07-01

  • Improvement: Allow the auto-submission of fields with the steps field present in form;
  • Improvement: Do not calculate prorate in upgrades if membership is in trial period;
  • Improvement: PayPal gateway rebuilt to run updates on memberships;
  • Improvement: Set Stripe Webhook mode by request mode (live or sandbox);
  • Fix: Checkout form editor not showing the input and steps settings;
  • Fix: Step being duplicate when updating the step id in checkout form editor;
  • Fix: Paypal gateway not completing the checkout process on recurring payments;
  • Internal: Additional tests for WordPress 6.0;
  • Internal: Improved the multistep checkout test;
  • Internal: Improved the model generators for better tests;
  • Internal: Improved the code to check sent emails in automated tests;

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