Version 2.0.12 – Released On 2022-04-25

  • Added: Created the wu_before_form_submitted javascript filter to allow bypass the checkout form before submit;
  • Added: Sunrise.php data on WP Ultimo system info page;
  • Improvement: Define COOKIE_DOMAIN constant on domain mapped sites to prevent cookie related errors;
  • Improvement: Search models by hash improving the UX on admin forms and preventing errors when creating sites for customers on network admin dashboard;
  • Fixed: Added a default setup to use with Stripe Portal to prevent errors when not configured on Stripe account;
  • Fixed: Makes sure if card is valid before start the account creation process using Stripe Gateway;
  • Fixed: Check if auth_redirect and wp_set_auth_cookie functions exist before define;
  • Fixed: Template previewer error when product is not selected in checkout form;
  • Fixed: Error on remaining sites calculation if limitation is not set;
  • Fixed: Check if there’s domain options available on create site form;
  • Fixed: Prevent errors with variable types defined on limits;
  • Fixed: Correct check the status of a pending site for a membership on thank you page;
  • Fixed: Billing address not being saved on multi step checkout form when not in last step;
  • Fixed: Gutenberg blocks not being loaded;
  • Fixed: Login page not working on blocked sites;
  • Fixed: Error on some checkout processes due pending site check;
  • Internal: Improved our test structure with cypress to help catching error before releases;

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