Release Notes – WP Ultimo Version 1.1.3

Hi, everyone. Here’s the release notes for version 1.1.3. We did quite a lot of work on this version and we now have a solid base to start the release schedule of our add-ons. This version addresses some major issues users were having. The complete changelog can be found on the bottom of the page.


New Features

Let’s dive in what’s new in this version.

Shortcuts to add and remove time from a Subscription

Since version 1.1.0, change a subscription’s active until parameter is as easy as it could be. However, you would still need to add or remove a billing cycle by using the calendar selector on the field.

Now you’ll have two helper buttons that let you add or remove a billing cycle with just one click (it will add 1 month to monthly subscriptions, 3 months for quarterly subscriptions and 12 months for a yearly subscription), with no need to refresh the page or even to click the save button! Here’s a GIF demonstrating the feature:

Redirecting after Sign-up

WP Ultimo now offers a handy filter to allow you to change the redirect URL after your client completes the sing-up process. The default behavior is to send the newly created user to his admin panel dashboard, but you can change it now to any page you want. We’ve put together a simple tutorial demonstrating how to use that filter.

Removing Post Types from the Pricing Tables

Some WordPress sites have tons of Custom Post Types installed. WP Ultimo used to display all of them in the pricing tables, with their respective limits. Now it is possible to select which post types to display in each plan pricing table, in the Pricing Table Tab of the Plan Edit page.

System Info Page

In order to facilitate support requests, we added a simple system info page to WP Ultimo. It generates a text-area with all the relevant information about your server and WordPress install, allowing our support team to get a better view of what may be the causes of a particular issue. When you run into an issue, remember to send your system info page results together with your support email. It helps a lot!


This version also contains a number of important bugfixes. Despite our latest release, we discovered that some users were still having issues creating new sites from the panel. That is now fixed; PHP notices throughout the plugin were fixed as well;

Delete links all over the WordPress admin were being blocked. That was also fixed in this version; WP Ultimo also validates input on the custom domain widget now.


Complete Changelog

Version 1.1.3
– Fixed: Adding sites from the admin panel not working;
– Fixed: JQuery UI Styles using HTTPS – Thanks, Richard;
– Fixed: Adding new users throwing a fatal because of a redirect in the PayPal gateway not being checked;
– Fixed: Ajax tables throwing order and orderby undefined indexes notice;
– Fixed: Delete links not clickable throughout the WordPress admin;
– Fixed: Validating URL that users enter as custom domain;
– Improved: Subscriptions now get deleted after the user is deleted;
– Improved: Removing unnecessary files;
– Improved: The template selection list now displays the site name, not its path (which did not work for subdomain installs);
– Added: Filter to change the redirect URL after login (tutorial:;
– Added: Admins now have the option to hide specific post types from the pricing tables;
– Added: The network IP setting now displays the apparent IP address of the network by default;
– Added: Option to remove invalid subscriptions (subscriptions without user);
– Added: System Info page, to allow for faster debug and troubleshooting with support requests;
– Added: Shortcut buttons to extend and remove time from a subscription, via ajax;

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