Release Notes – WP Ultimo Version 1.1.2

Hello, everyone. Today we are releasing version 1.1.2 of WP Ultimo, containing some cool new features and important patches. A complete changelog can be found at the bottom of the post. Here are some of the changes.

Crucial Fixes

Version 1.1.2 includes some crucial patches of issues reported by our users. If you deactivated WP Ultimo, for example, and tried to reactivated it, the plugin would try to recreate the custom database tables it needs to function, even though they existed already. We now check for the existence of the tables before trying to create them.

Another issue that was consistently reported by users was that the subscriptions were getting an extra active day after sign-up, preventing users from seeing the payment screen right after the last step of the registration form. That issue is now resolved.

Bugs occurring during site creation on the admin panel, as well as in the process of upgrading accounts were also fixed. Free subscriptions are no longer displayed as if they were inactive. Meta-box toggles on plugin pages are now working and being saved.


Gateways now offer hooks when they receive notification of successful or failed payments and refunds. This was necessary to implement our integration with AffiliateWP, that is going to be release soon as an add-on. Minor under-the-hood improvements were also added to increase performance.

PayPal Subscription Button

WP Ultimo now offers a PayPal subscription button as an alternative to the use of their API. It only requires your PayPal email to work.

It is important to notice, however, that you should only use this option if you need support to dynamic IPNs. That is the case if you have multiple sites using the same PayPal account (which means that you would not be able to add our notification URL to your IPN settings). This option generates and sends the IPN as a part of the request.

There are some limitations, though. PayPal Subscription Button does not support coupon codes. If you want to use coupon codes, use the default PayPal gateway option. A message will be displayed to your users about this limitation, in their Accounts panel, if you use this option.

You can select which option to use by marking the option PayPal Subscription Button, right after the rest of the PayPal settings in the Payment Gateways tab on WP Ultimo Settings page.



Version 1.1.2
– Fixed: Prevented the creation of tables on activation when they already exist;
– Added: Hooks on the gateway payment notifications to allow integrations;
– Fixed: Subscription creation adding an extra day to the active_until parameter of a subscription;
– Added: Manage Subscriptions link to the topbar WP Ultimo Menu;
– Fixed: Toggle of metaboxes in our admin pages now work properly;
– Fixed: Plan upgrade not working when upgrading from a free plan;
– Fixed: Language files not being loaded;
– Fixed: Free subscription being displayed as inactive in the subscription panel;
– Fixed: Small spelling errors;
– Added: Partial translation to Brazilian Portuguese (Signup Flow only);
– Improvement: Requirements engine in our Settings API now supports multiple requirements;
– Fixed: Some issues with the creation of sites from the admin panel;
– Added: PayPal Subscription button added as an option on the PayPal Gateway;

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