Progress on 2.0.11, 2.1.0, Community clean up, and more

Hey there,

Today we made tons of progress on 2.0.11 and we’ll try to release it tomorrow, by the end of the day. It all depends on the results of testing tomorrow morning, but things are looking good.

As for 2.1.0, progress has also been made. The old width control for fields had to give way to a 12-column grid system, where you can assign a different col-span to each individual field. Not as flexible as having a %-based width field, but much easier to make play nice with other elements, fields, different themes, etc.

Tomorrow, we start the process of cleaning up the Community. Some spaces – such as the feature suggestions and version 2 – will disappear, as we will favor the roadmap site for those. New community rules going over what can be posted on #ask will also be introduced.

On a different note, we just stumbled upon a testing framework that has the potential to make our life sooo much easier writing integration tests – Cypress. Releasing new versions while being sure we’re not breaking anything is a huge part of being able to move forward instead of sideways. Cypress can allow the team to write tests while seeing them be performed in real-time. This makes the development cycle for integration tests much more streamlined than what we have at the moment. Below, you can see a quick run of the Ultimo installation and activation test, as an example.

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3 thoughts on “Progress on 2.0.11, 2.1.0, Community clean up, and more”

  1. Moving the methods of communication around Ultimo for the millionth time is pretty exhausting and makes it really difficult to keep track of the best place to convey issues. I hope this is the last time communication changes.

    1. I hope that as well. This makes it way simpler to track things and we own the account system, so it’s easier to integrate to the rest of the tools we’re offering. In the end, the answer is almost always to go with the WP solution.

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