Support to External Sites

Control external WordPress sites (single installation) from within your Multisite network admin panel. Impose plan restrictions on these sites as if they were part of the Multisite network. Later, use your registration form to trigger the creation of external sites on different servers.

Frontend Admin Panels

Create sub-sites (of a new type – admin panel) on your network that can be configured to act as the admin panel for all or a subset of your plans. 

Multiple Currencies

Offer your subscription plans in different currencies. Pre-select the currency to use based on the visitor’s geolocation data. Offer different payment gateway options depending on the currency being used.

Domain Seller

The ability to sell domains to your customers right at the registration form or at a later stage, with OpenSRS, GoDaddy, and Namecheap as supported registrars.

Custom App

Create sub-sites (of a new type – app) on your network that can be configured to be served and bundled as an iPhone/Android app.

Everything is a Form

Modify, add, or remove fields from every WP Ultimo form (every single one of them), not only the Checkout Form. Trigger additional actions on form submissions. Create custom forms with custom actions to add additional features to your WaaS.