Version 2.0.23 – Released On 2022-11-22

  • Added: Custom Thank You page text for sites area when membership has no sites attached;
  • Added: PayPal payment description with trial and recurring payment specification;
  • Added: Network logo at PayPal checkout;
  • Improvement: site_url and site_title removed as required fields in checkout form, allowing the creation of memberships without sites (both fields are now optional);
  • Improvement: PayPal confirm page styles improved;
  • Improvement: PayPal now accepts non recurring discounts and fees with trial period in membership;
  • Improvement: WP Engine integration now also adds subdomains (we recommend the use of wildcard as first option);
  • Improvement: Restrict site creation to active and trialing memberships;
  • Improvement: Length limit of 63 chars in site_url checkout field according to DNS specifications;
  • Improvement: Added CUSTOMER_ID, CUSTOMER_EMAIL, MEMBERSHIP_AMOUNT, ORDER_ID placeholders on Thank You page script field;
  • Improvement: Changed ORDER_PRODUCTS placeholder on Thank You page scripts to show the list of products ids instead of the product hash;
  • Fix: WP Engine integration install;
  • Fix: Fix the use of wu_append_preview filter on plugins compatibility file;
  • Fix: Allow removal of all categories on a template site;

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