Tests are boring, but a bugged version is worse

Hey everyone!

How are you? We keep struggling to make things work in the optimal way but, let’s be honest, this is not a walk in the park.

We have some tests that simply don’t pass on our testing tool and we have encountered some edge cases related to SSO.

But here we do not give up! We are working hard and at a nonstop pace to give you a 2.0.12 version yet this week.

That should be all for today. I know it’s not much, but we have learned that it’s important to keep you guys up to date, even when we are a bit stuck.

Fun fact: Apr 21st is Tiradentes (it literally means “teeth puller”) day in Brazil. And, no, it has nothing to do with going to the dentist. It actually remembers the death of a guy (Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, alias Tiradentes) who was part of a colonial separatist movement on the 18th century. If you are curious about his story, check this article.

Libertas Quae Sera Tamen, guys o/

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1 thought on “Tests are boring, but a bugged version is worse”

  1. Avatar of followeuphoria

    This was a week ago.. these serious sso issues after registration are preventing us from getting anything done ..who am i supposed to talk to.. ive emailed, no reply, ive inquired in the support forum, NOTHING.. ive commented here nothing .. there are so many support channels and stuff but none of them are getting any answers. and an answer from a customer service rep who is not technical doesent help with a resolution. we need answers we need a solution. everything is being suppressed and delayed. this constant migration of support channels is quite intimidating. what should be posted and what shouldnt.. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE US A WORKING ULTIMO with out the sso bugs and problems. as difficuly as it may seem.. January was the date. its now april and the hype from all these socalled updates 1.0.1 2.0.3 2.0.4 2.0.5 its getting out of hand .. and at this point im not wrong at all for complaining about it .. there isent this much patience in the world. we bought in to the lifetime idea with clear expectations made of a working product and lifetime support … there is nobody to talk to about getting help.. everything is now suppressed and we arent supposed to have to solely rely on community members for a resolution. week after week ive got clients banging my phone with very unpleasant messages and i cant even reply because they are totally right .. we come here with the upmost respect and i would appreciate it if something SOLID gets done because organizing a team and all the politics doesent have anything to do with us getting a working product to use. im frustraited and ive been pulling teeth for months… whats really good wit hthis sittuation???please fix these MULTIPLE client signup form errors and give us something that works. 

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