New set of Checkout automated tests

Hey guys.

This daily update refers to the progress made yesterday, 04/04/2022.

So, after some internal discussions, we’re aiming to have Thursdays be our fixed release date, this time in a bi-weekly cycle. We’re not committing to it just yet. We’ll use it for a couple of releases before we settle on that decision.

About the delay on 2.0.11: I sent the build that we have to a couple of customers and they reported back with a couple of checkout issues – mostly things trivial and easy to fix, but that were completely breaking the experience. Based on that feedback, I decided to hold it back another couple of days to make sure we had tests covering the checkout. I know this is not ideal and that this build has been delayed a number of times before, but I need to make sure we don’t break other live networks.

I spent the weekend writing those tests and managed to cover free signups with email confirmation, as well as paid checkouts using Stripe. There are still a couple of checkout scenarios that I can add to the tests, but as they require some of the fixes present in 2.0.11, we’ll add them after the build is out.

We’ll most likely have another daily update today with the test results against the new set of tests, and tomorrow our focus will be 100% on fixing any small issue that persists and finally ship 2.0.11.


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1 thought on “New set of Checkout automated tests”

  1. Avatar of followeuphoria

    can you please send me this update for the time being .. to the email address on my account .. i would really have appreciated to have gotten the memo about this release 

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