Late update after a very busy day

Hey all. This is a late update as we stayed late trying to finish up merging and testing everything to release 2.0.11. Unfortunately, now, at 2am there are still some things to fix before being able to actually release it. We got a couple of support tickets that needed attention and took time way from the merging and testing processes.

With that being said, there’s so little left that I’m confident we’ll be able to put it out tomorrow. I’m not a big fan of Friday releases, but we’ll have to do it this time as 2.0.11 is kind of urgent and is already much delayed.


As you might have noticed, we have removed the Version 2 and Suggest a Feature spaces on the community.

We tried our best to manually move bug reports here to the roadmap and we’ll try to assign the tickets to the original reporters when their account becomes available – which happens after they login for the first time onto the roadmap site.

Next step will be to merge the Ask and Help Needed, while making sure what are the rules for what is a question and what is a but report, as we discussed on earlier updates.

On 2.1

We were so focused on 2.0.11 and support tickets today that I simply wasn’t able to switch over to the 2.1 branch to capture the content I wanted to give you all an update on it. I’ll give it priority tomorrow so we can include it on the last daily update for this week.


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