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Turning your idea into a reality should be easy. At WP Ultimo, we're committed to empowering you to bring your ideas to life. That's why we're thrilled to unveil a suite of features designed to bridge the gap between conception and a launched product.


Custom post types, taxonomies, and relationships on steroids.

Every product is essentially a collection of different kinds of data and their interactions. Apps are made of types and their relationships.

Think about it:

A blog is a collection of posts, grouped by categories, tags, and maybe a couple of pages;

On an e-commerce store, customers choose products to place an order that requires a payment.

Types let you do just that: structure your product data types and relationships visually and with ease.

With Types, you can
Create custom post types, taxonomies, and more
- that apply to the whole network - using a visual interface.
Define relationships between your types
to encapsulate the business logic of your product.
Control which customers can access which types
by combining the power of Types with Access Gates.
Create powerful custom features
by triggering Workflows when an item of a certain type is created, updated, or deleted.
Allow your customers to create, edit, and delete
their collections for each type you have created using Studio.
For devs:
all types registered are instantly available in your code as \YourNamespace\TypeName Eloquent models.
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Access Gates

The WordPress user-role system is broken.
We’re fixing it.

The WordPress user-role system presents significant challenges, particularly for multisite networks.

Its inconsistency across sub-sites can lead to confusion about role capabilities or roles not being available altogether.

In addition to that, its performance is often subpar, negatively impacting user experience.

Access Gates is a drop-in replacement for the WordPress user-role system that solves these issues, while maintaining full compatibility with the existing user-role system.

With Access Gates, you can
A user-role system compatible with Multisite,
without the inconsistencies of the native implementation.
Control the visibility and access
of certain features or content blocks visually, via access rules.
Improved performance
when checking for user capabilities or roles, or evaluating access rules.
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The full power of actions and filters. With zero code needed.

One of the most powerful feature of WordPress is its Action & Filters system.

It allowed for third-party developers to extend WordPress in ways that were never imagined by its creators.

That being said, Actions & Filters are still somewhat a tool built by developers for developers.

It's time to change that.

With Workflows, you can
Create powerful custom features
by chaining Action blocks together in the Workflows editor.
Tap into WordPress Actions and Filters
without writing a single line of code, by using our visual editor.
Use our powerful "PHP Code" action
to write your own custom workflow actions, if you want to.
Run heavy-duty Workflows in the background
using our powerful queue system.
Share your Workflows with the community
for free or for a price on the Ultimo Marketplace (prime-only).
Use the power of our AI
to create powerful workflows by describing what you want to achieve in plain English (prime-only).
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Say goodbye to the wp-admin. Build rich experiences with Studio.

Being able to tap into WordPress' ecosystem and external services to build your product is great, but it might be hard to present that to your end customer in an intuitive and coherent way.

The default way of sending your customers to the wp-admin area of their site is not ideal. It's not intuitive, it's not pretty, and it's not easy to customize.

We propose a paradigm-shift:

Instead of removing elements from the WordPress admin, overriding its styles with custom CSS or heavy-handed JS, why not build a new admin interface from the ground up, using the amazing visual building tools we have today?

Studio allows you to do just that.

With Studio, you can
Create custom admin panels
from the ground up, using the block editor and our collection of SaaS-oriented block patterns.
Create internal admin panels and tools
for you and your team to manage your WaaS and follow key metrics.
Offer your customers a Single Page App experience
by utilizing Studio's powerful optimization features.
Blazing fast loading times
thanks to Studio's support for caching plugins, block lazy-loading, and more.
Build as many admin panels as you want
and assign them to different access rules, products, or customers.
Share your custom panels with the community.
for free or for a price on the Ultimo Marketplace (prime-only).
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The advantages of Multitenancy, with all the goodies from Multisite.

Sometimes a customer out-grows your WaaS.

The current way to deal with that is to move their site into a single install, which would need to be managed separately from the rest of the network. You basically end up with two parallel businesses: your WaaS and your single installs.

Multitenancy is an option, but it comes with its own set of problems. Keeping things centralized and in a way that is easy to manage can be hard, and unless you're maintaining the infrastructure yourself, you'll probably be locked-in with a single provider.

Connect is our solution to this problem.

With Connect, prime subscribers can
Off-load sub-sites to single installs
with one click, while keeping them connected to your WaaS (prime-only).
No lock-in.
Connect offers a selection of hosting providers to choose from. Link as many as you want (prime-only).
Manage external sites
as if they were part of your WaaS and stop worrying about keeping things in sync (prime-only).
Automate site offloading
by attaching a provider to a product and letting Connect do the rest (prime-only).
Bypass the SSL certificate 100 domains limit
of some providers by having Connect manage them for you (prime-only).
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AI Toolkit


Leverage AI to make your product smarter than the competition.

AI is great when it comes to understanding structured data and generating new content based on that.

All of the features above were built with AI in mind. They are essentially data type declarations, relationships, and workflows. They all boil down to structured data.

You probably know where I'm going with this…

Our AI tools can understand your product structure and help you add new features (even writing custom PHP code for you) based on what you've created so far.

With AI Toolkit, prime subscribers can
Add new types, workflows, and more
using the power of our AI, by describing them in plain english (prime-only).
Leverage our AI Workflow Actions
to expose auto-generational features to your end customer (prime-only).
Understand your business better
by using our AI to analyze your data and generate reports (prime-only).
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No need to start from scratch. Build on top of what's already there.

One of the awesome properties of tools such as Types, Access Gates, Studio-created admin panels, and Workflows is that they can all be exported and imported into other networks with relative ease. They were built that way.

A direct result of this is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to add a new feature, for example. You can build on top of what's already been done.

The Marketplace is a place where you can share your creations with other WaaS owners, either for free or for a price. It's also the place to find find new features to add to your product, from small things such as a particular type to full-blown Dashboard panels for your customers.

With Marketplace, prime subscribers can
Get access to a growing library
of types, workflows, and more, created by other WaaS owners (prime-only).
Share your custom types, workflows, and more
with other WaaS owners, either for free or for a price (prime-only).
Build on-top of what's already there
and save time by not having to reinvent the wheel (prime-only).
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Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is WP Ultimo Next?
WP Ultimo Next is a set of new features developed by the WP Ultimo team to bridge the gap between having WP Ultimo installed on your multisite network and successfully launching your product. It makes it easier for non-technical users and developers alike to go from idea to launch faster than ever.
Is this a new major version of WP Ultimo? Is it WP Ultimo 3.0?
To be completely honest: we’re not sure yet. While these are huge and powerful features, they are being developed so that they have minimal impact on WP Ultimo’s core. This way we can avoid migration problems and other similar issues. The medium-term plan is to convert some of the WP Ultimo’s features - that currently have their logic hard-coded - into workflows that would be customizable by you. In this initial stage, workflows will work side-by-side with the core flows, while we gradually go through this conversion process.
How can I see these features in action?
We will release demos and hold webinars in the WP Ultimo Community, showcasing the new features of WP Ultimo Next. All Prime members will have access to the features to test on their own installs weeks before they become generally available.
Do I need to be a Prime member to access all of these new features?
You only need to be a Prime Member to access features that are listed as Prime-only: Marketplace, Connect and AI Toolkit. Other features are available for every WP Ultimo license holder.
Does being a Prime member give me a WP Ultimo license key?
No. You need to have a valid WP Ultimo license to be able to use the features. If you don’t have a license, you can purchase one here.
Do I need a valid WP Ultimo license to be able to signup as a Prime member?
You don’t need a WP Ultimo license to sign up as a Prime member. However, once the features are launched you will need a valid license key and a network with WP Ultimo installed to test and experience the features in action.
I am a Prime member. When will I get access to these features?
Prime Members will enjoy early access to these features, preceding their general availability by a few weeks. Early access will be granted in batches based on the order of sign-ups. Members who registered in June will have priority access, followed by those who registered in July, and so on.
How many networks does a prime subscription cover?
The Prime subscription covers 1 network only.
Is there a refund policy?
If WP Ultimo Next is not the solution you are looking for, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.
How can I cancel my Prime subscription?
Just send an email to prime (at) wpultimo.com with the purchase details and we will cancel your subscription.

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