Easily create a network of premium sites in your WordPress Multisite.

Using WP Ultimo you will be able to setup a network of premium sites, like in less than 5 minutes. And you just need to pay for the plugin once!

WPMU Pro SItes Alternative


WP Ultimo is all you need to start your own network!

Creating your own premium sites network is as imple as having a WordPress Multisite install and our Plugin Activated!

We support PayPal and Stripe out-of-the-box. More and more gateways integrations should arrive as we go.

Your network can have as many plans you want it to have. You can limit the access levels and permissions of each plan.

You can also easily provide trial plans and cupom codes with discounts to your users.

WP Ultimo is also packed with awesome analytics so you can get track of the growth of your network.

We hope to provide even more awesome features as we go, so feel free to let us know your suggestions. 

Material WP - A WordPress Admin Material Design Theme

Since you are here, take a look on our latest product. A completly redesign of the WordPress admin Interface, based on Google’s famous Material Design.

See Material WP

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Unfortunately (or fortunately) due to the huge demand we are controlling the number of people getting our alpha version. If you want to be one of them, just subscribe below and we will talk to you as soon as we can. We promise.