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You're in control with
Lifetime Updates Packages

If you’re a freelance developer or agency looking to build a
Website as a Service for a client without leaving them responsible for yearly renewals, our Lifetime Updates packages have you covered.

single network

Perfect for professionals creating Ultimo-based Website as a Service platforms for clients

3-Network Pack

Perfect for professionals creating Ultimo-based Website as a Service platforms for clients

A fantastic plugin that brings the benefits of a Squarespace or Wix business model to the small WordPress agency owner with great support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lifetime may be the best choice for you

Lifetime licenses don't need to be renewed every year, it's a one-time payment deal.

They grant you access to all WP Ultimo add-ons (future add-ons included) and plugin updates for as long as our plugin lives.

Depending on the tier you choose, you can activate your WP Ultimo license on one or up to three networks.

Both tiers include three years of support.

WP Ultimo Lifetime tiers are the option we offer so that you don't need to renew your license yearly to get our plugin's updates.

They are an excellent choice for consolidated projects with a long life expectancy or agency owners that don't want to be kept on the hook about renewing their licenses.

Finally, if you don't want to worry about getting premium support for the next three years, Lifetime licenses are also for you.

You can always purchase another year of support for $147 😊.

Yep. Once you achieve your active licenses quota, it is possible to deactivate the license key in one network and reactivate it in another.

You can buy as many Lifetime licenses as you want to have WP Ultimo running in more than three networks.

Sure! We can provide you with different license keys for different networks. However, this is not an automated process, so please contact us with your request.


What our customers are saying?

WP Ultimo is the best WaaS solution on the market! We use it to power businesses with over 300 sub-sites and growing, and it’s going strong!

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Test WP Ultimo to see what it is capable of on our multisite installation.

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