Some of you might have seen the Black Friday promo pop-up on our landing page. 

As that pop-up says, our Black Friday deal is coming soon, and it’s going to be a fun one!

Ground Rules

  • We put 500 licenses for sale during Black Friday at promo rates;
  • The promo will run from Nov 11 – 30 OR until the 500 licenses are sold out, whatever happens first;
  • We will have two different discount tiers: 35% OFF and 45% OFF.

Waiting List

To get the 45% discount rate you will need to signup for the waiting list (the form that pops up on the landing page). The form is also available here. The form is now closed.

You’ll be able to signup until 05:59 pm EST on November 11. After that, the deal will go live and all the subscribers on the waiting list will get an email with an exclusive link to a single-use coupon code.

The pop-up has been upon for little more than 24h and we’re already about to hit the 100 subscribers mark. Sign-up while you can!


  • Coupons will be generated based on your email address and they will all be single-use coupons, so if you are planning to get more than one license, you will need to enter two different email addresses to the waiting list.

On Monday, Nov 11, 6 pm EST…

…the deal will go live for everyone (including those on the waiting list). 

If you were not previously on the waiting list, you’ll still get a good deal out of it – 35% OFF. 

You’ll have another chance to win back that extra 10%, but that will require some work on your part! So I recommend signing up for the waiting list as soon as possible.


  • Why limit the number of licenses being sold?
    • Although we’d love to have you as a customer, we have a large user base that requires our support and assistance. One of our top priorities now is to make sure we will be able to handle the flux of new users without compromising support and development efforts.
  • Was there a similar limitation on last year’s BF?
    • Yes, we limited the number of licenses sold to 300, and it only took us 5 days to reach that mark back then.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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10 thoughts on “Black Friday 2019”

  1. Hi. I just saw this. Didn’t see it before the 11th. So, if I sign up for the email list today will I still get the 45% off code in email? The form is still live. Thanks.

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